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    Philip R. Goodwin Oil Painting, ca. 1910

    Appraised Value:


    Appraised on: June 12, 2010

    Appraised in: San Diego, California

    Appraised by: Nan Chisholm

    Category: Paintings & Drawings

    Episode Info: San Diego, Hour 3 (#1506)

    Originally Aired: February 7, 2011

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    Form: Painting
    Material: Oil
    Period / Style: 20th Century
    Value Range: $125,000

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    Appraisal Video: (3:22)


    Appraised By:

    Nan Chisholm
    Paintings & Drawings

    Nan Chisholm Fine Art, Ltd.

    Appraisal Transcript:
    GUEST: It belonged to my grandfather. It was in his man's room. He died in 1918, and it's gone then to my grandmother and then to my uncle, and then nobody wanted it, so I got it. And it's been in closets and with my daughter and... And so the current family attitude towards this picture is... It's not one of our favorite paintings. My sons both want to sell it when I'm dead.

    APPRAISER: The artist here is Philip Russell Goodwin.

    GUEST: Yep.

    APPRAISER: He was born in Connecticut in 1882. He later had a studio in New York, even though he was painting Western subjects. And he also studied at RISD, amongst other places. He was a very precocious artist. By age 11, he had already sold his first work to Collier's magazine.

    GUEST: At 11!

    APPRAISER: So he kind of began his career as an illustrator. He did work for calendars; he did advertising work; he illustrated some books, including "Call of the Wild" by Jack London and also one for Theodore Roosevelt called "African Game Trails." He was really always into these kind of hunting and fishing subjects, and he also did pictures about life of cowboys on the ranch. So very much a Western orientation. Now, here we have kind of a dramatic moment. It's called Landing a Beauty. And we see two sportsmen about to net this fish.

    GUEST: Right.

    APPRAISER: And there are these wonderful reflections in the water and this dramatic yellow sky, which is reflected in the water below. I would think it's probably around the turn of the century. He didn't live a long life; he died in 1935. And he really had not had a lot of success in his lifetime. He was one of these artists who got discovered more after his death. Do you have any idea of what it might be worth?

    GUEST: I did look up what another painting had sold for, but it was a very pretty painting, as opposed to this one, and it was smaller than this, but it was an oil. And that was the only thing I had to compare it with, and that was $140,000, and I do know that prints sell for $1,500 on the Internet. And that's all that I know.

    APPRAISER: There are a few things that I have concern about. This paint is going on top of the treetops here. I'm not sure why. When we look down here by the signature...

    GUEST: Yeah.

    APPRAISER: There's this difference in the background color, and I think that can be explained by the fact that it may have been cleaned at one point and they decided not to clean around the signature so that it wouldn't become any lighter or...

    GUEST: Well, I believe they did clean it when I repaired it. It had a little tear in it, so I had that repaired and they did clean it, and I don't know whether they did that or not, because I've really never taken as close a look at the painting as I have today.

    APPRAISER: And there is this line going across here, which is from the stretcher bar. But that can easily be remedied. But because of these few little condition things going on, I would think that in a retail gallery, it might sell for about $125,000.

    GUEST: Oh, my God. I won't have to live with my kids for that much... So... yeah. A retail gallery. So where is a retail gallery? (laughing) Really? That is just something. Oh, my God, it's so amazing...

    APPRAISER: Yeah.

    APPRAISER: Since no one likes it.

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