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    1963 Mickey Mantle Game-Used Bat

    Appraised Value:

    $10,000 - $15,000 (2012)

    Appraised on: July 21, 2012

    Appraised in: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Appraised by: Mike Gutierrez

    Category: Sports Memorabilia

    Episode Info: Cincinnati (#1710)

    Originally Aired: April 1, 2013

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    Form: Baseball Bat
    Material: Wood
    Period / Style: 20th Century
    Value Range: $10,000 - $15,000 (2012)

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    Appraisal Video: (2:55)


    Appraised By:

    Mike Gutierrez
    Collectibles, Sports Memorabilia
    Consignment Director
    Heritage Auctions

    Appraisal Transcript:
    GUEST: My senior year in high school, I was a good student, and my mom rewarded me by letting me skip school now and then to go to a spring training game. And they became more and more frequent as I became in love with the Yankees, and Mickey Mantle especially. So I started out sitting in the stands, and I got a little braver and a little braver, and then one day I went up to the fence that's behind the batting area. This particular day, they were playing Baltimore. Mickey Mantle came up to bat and I was standing behind this fence, and I said, "Go, Mickey, go, hit a home run for me!" And he did, he hit a home run. I heard the bat crack, and I said, "Oh Mickey, can I please have that bat?" And he knew he had hit a home run, so he was in no hurry to go around the bases and he turned around, he handed me the bat through the fence, and I've had it since 1963. I walked this far off the ground all the way home and I don't even remember how I got home.

    APPRAISER: First thing I notice with the bat is that if you look at the bottom, there's a marking on here, "F108." Now, that's a model number that Mickey would have ordered from Louisville Slugger. I looked up the records, and he ordered six of these bats in March of 1963, so you have one of the six bats.

    GUEST: Oh, my God! (laughing)

    APPRAISER: That's something good to know, right?

    GUEST: Oh my lord, yes.

    APPRAISER: Something else that I noticed on the bat here is this unusual tape job.

    GUEST: I put it on there because the bat was cracked and I was so afraid it was going to get broken or something.

    APPRAISER: Well, you did a good job.

    GUEST: Well, thank you.

    APPRAISER: In 1963, the Yankees went on...during the season, they became the American League champs, and of course they got beat up pretty hard in the World Series by the Dodgers and Sandy Koufax, who was extraordinary that season, and they lost the World Series. The bad news is that the bat is cracked. Had it not been cracked, it would fetch a little bit more money. But the good news is that it is cracked, and that's how you got it.

    GUEST: Absolutely, I wouldn't have had it without that, so...

    APPRAISER: I would recommend to you to insure this bat for $15,000.

    GUEST: Are you kidding? Oh, my God.

    APPRAISER: I think that if it was to go to auction, I think an auction estimate would be about $10,000 to $15,000.

    GUEST: Oh, my God. Isn't that wonderful?

    APPRAISER: Absolutely.

    GUEST: Holy cow, I never would have expected that.

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