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    Atlantic City, New Jersey: 2010

    Photo courtesy of the Atlantic Convention & Visitors Bureau

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW touched down in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where the sun shone on some outstanding finds.

    Hour 1 | Original Air Date: January 25, 2010 (#1404)

    ARTICLE: Who Was "FVO"?

    Paintings expert Alan Fausel answers an Old Master mystery.

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Find out what Susan, the owner of a painting by Cornelius Krieghoff, had to say after her ROADSHOW appraisal.

    VIDEO: Field Segment

    Host Mark L. Walberg enjoys a lesson in glass blowing, and discusses American glass paperweights with appraiser Arlie Sulka.

    BONUS VIDEO: Mark Makes Glass!

    See more of host Mark L. Walberg's lesson in glass blowing at the Wheaton Arts Center outside Atlantic City — only online!

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Martha, the owner of an inscribed Walt Whitman memoir, had to say after her ROADSHOW appraisal.

    Hour 2 | February 1, 2010 (#1405)

    SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes in Atlantic City

    Photos from ROADSHOW's visit to Atlantic City on June 6, 2009.

    Hour 3 | February 8, 2010 (#1406)

    VIDEO: Field Segment

    Host Mark Walberg gets the nitty-gritty on pearls from appraiser Kevin Zavian, including the difference between natural and cultured pearls, at Dock's Oyster House.

    BONUS VIDEO: More Pearls of Wisdom

    See more of host Mark Walberg's discussion of pearls with appraiser Kevin Zavian — only online!

    Three Robert Frost Signed Books
    Francis Wahlgren

    HR 2

    Navajo Germantown "Eye Dazzler" Blanket, ca. 1885
    Douglas Deihl

    HR 2

    Late 19th-Century Vincent G. Stiepevich Painting
    Kathleen Harwood

    HR 2

    Alberto Pasini Oil Painting, ca. 1880
    Alasdair Nichol

    HR 2

    Early 20th-Century Enrico Caruso Memorabilia
    Kathleen Guzman

    HR 2

    Grueby Tile Cuenca Seagull, ca. 1915
    Suzanne Perrault

    HR 2

    1955 Cy Young Collection
    Simeon Lipman

    HR 2

    1856 Sharps Slanting Breech Naval Rifle
    Rafael Eledge

    HR 2

    1910 James H. Hare Aviation Photo
    Daile Kaplan

    HR 3

    Fabergé Jade & Silver Paper Knife, ca. 1910
    Gloria Lieberman

    HR 3

    Fake Shang Dynasty "You" Bronze, ca. 1900
    Marvin Sokolow

    HR 3

    S. S. Stewart Banjo, ca. 1897
    Frederick Oster

    HR 3

    Walter Emerson Baum Oil Painting, ca. 1940
    Alasdair Nichol

    HR 3

    Flemish Village Festival Painting, ca. 1600
    Elaine Banks Stainton

    HR 3

    Animated Pig Pull Toy, ca. 1900
    Noel Barrett

    HR 3

    George Bellows Oil Painting, ca. 1913
    Debra Force

    HR 3

    Folk Art Root Sculpture, ca. 1900
    Ken Farmer

    HR 3

    1934 Yankees Signed Baseball
    Leila Dunbar

    HR 3