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    Special: Big & Little (2009)

    Big & Little proves good things come in small — and gigantic — packages. In this special edition, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW looks high and low through its archive of appraisals for unusually teeny treasures and outsize objects.

    HIGHLIGHT: Chinese Carved Walnut Shells

    James Callahan appraises a pair of Chinese carved walnut shells, ca. 1910, worth $1,000 each.
    (Seattle, Hour 1)

    HIGHLIGHT: John Fery Painting

    Peter Fairbanks appraises a large painting by John Fery, ca. 1912, worth $20,000 to $30,000.
    (Dallas, Hour 2)

    Large German Cabinet
    Gillian Arthur

    Big and Little

    Kirman Carpet ca. 1910
    Mark Topalian

    Big and Little

    1778 Chippendale Miniature Walnut Chest
    Leigh Keno

    Big and Little

    World War II German POW Ship in a Bottle made in Canada
    Daniel Buck Soules

    Big and Little

    Display Stove & Salesman's Sample Ice Box
    Noel Barrett

    Big and Little

    Miniature Attributed to Henry Benbridge
    Susan Kleckner

    Big and Little

    Vermont Farm Machinery Company Farm Animal Treadmill
    George Glastris

    Big and Little

    Arts & Crafts Dollhouse & Furniture
    Leslie Keno

    Big and Little

    Beals Becker Uniform & Photographs
    Mike Gutierrez

    Big and Little

    Moravian Green Fish Flask, ca. 1810
    J. Garrison Stradling

    Big and Little

    Massachusetts Miniature Card Table, ca. 1790
    Marybeth Keene

    Big and Little

    John Fery Painting, ca. 1912
    Peter Fairbanks

    Big and Little

    1920s Arman T. Manookian Painting
    Alan Fausel

    Big and Little

    18th-Century North American Indian Burlwood Bowl
    Nancy Druckman

    Big and Little

    Edwardian Old Mine-Cut Diamond Ring
    Joyce Jonas

    Big and Little

    Kwakiutl-Style Transformation Mask
    John Buxton

    Big and Little

    Chinese Dragon Carved Walnut Shells, ca. 1910
    James Callahan

    Big and Little

    Miniature Hebrew Bible, ca. 1850
    Ken Sanders

    Big and Little

    Dutch Miniature Cutlery Box, ca. 1800
    Sebastian Clarke

    Big and Little