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    Special: Cats & Dogs (2012)

    To our guests' surprise and delight we'll take a look at man's best friend in CATS & DOGS.

    ARTICLE: A Shearwater Cat by Walter Anderson?

    Hurricanes give this earthenware cat a stormy past.
    (Phoenix, Hour 1)

    FEATURE: Cats & Dogs — Updated Appraisal Values!

    How much is that doggy in the window?
    (Special: Cats & Dogs)

    VIDEO: Owner Interview: William Zorach Cat Carving, ca. 1930

    Hear what Glen, the owner of the William Zorach cat carving, had to say after his appraisal in Eugene!
    (Eugene, Hour 3)

    Austrian "Naughty" Cat Bronze, ca. 1900
    Gary Piattoni

    Cats & Dogs

    Reproduction Colima Ceramic Dog
    John Buxton

    Cats & Dogs

    Gong Bell Manufacturing Company "Ding Dong" Bell Toy
    Bill Bertoia

    Cats & Dogs

    19th-Century Spaniel Figures
    Daniel Buck Soules

    Cats & Dogs

    Émile Gallé Faience Cat, ca. 1890
    Nicholas Dawes

    Cats & Dogs

    1835 Francis Calcraft Turner Painting
    Peter Fairbanks

    Cats & Dogs

    Carved Table
    Alexis Yates

    Cats & Dogs

    William Bromley Pitcher, ca. 1845
    J. Garrison Stradling

    Cats & Dogs

    Calligraphic Drawings, ca. 1885
    Carl Crossman

    Cats & Dogs

    Buster Brown Shoes Advertisement Sign, ca. 1919
    Timothy Luke

    Cats & Dogs

    Fabergé Desk Set Straight Edge, ca. 1900
    Frank Boos

    Cats & Dogs

    Painted Collector's Cabinet, ca. 1900
    Anne Igelbrink

    Cats & Dogs

    Ives Clockwork "Kitten in a Can," ca. 1885
    Eric Alberta

    Cats & Dogs

    20th-Century Sporting Motif Reverse Crystal Jewelry
    Virginia Salem

    Cats & Dogs

    Roseville "Ivory" Dog Figurine, ca. 1932
    Suzanne Perrault

    Cats & Dogs

    19th-Century British Dog Portrait
    Colleene Fesko

    Cats & Dogs

    1862 Young Shop-Engraved Colt Pistol
    Rafael Eledge

    Cats & Dogs

    John Emms Oil Painting, ca. 1890
    Alan Fausel

    Cats & Dogs

    Minton Landseer Plates, ca. 1875
    David Lackey

    Cats & Dogs

    1909 Theophile Steinlen "Summer Cat" Color Lithograph
    Todd Weyman

    Cats & Dogs

    20th Century En Tremblant Pin
    Rosalie Sayyah

    Cats & Dogs

    Walter Anderson Pottery Cat, ca. 1945
    David Rago

    Cats & Dogs

    Kleinert's Waterproof Baby Pants Display, ca. 1905
    Noel Barrett

    Cats & Dogs

    1971 Clementine Hunter Painting
    Ken Farmer

    Cats & Dogs

    William Zorach Carved Wood Sculpture of a Cat, ca.1930
    Eric Silver

    Cats & Dogs

    1963 Fred Machetanz Oil Painting
    Nan Chisholm

    Cats & Dogs

    Arthur Rackham Ink Illustration, ca. 1920
    Laura Crockett

    Cats & Dogs