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    Special: Fame & Fortune (2006)

    This ROADSHOW special spotlights celebrities, big-shots, and headliners through objects connected to their lives. Fame & Fortune features a stellar line-up of appraisals that give new meaning to the term "face value"!

    ARTICLE: The Purloined Portrait

    On the trail of a missing Edgar Allan Poe daguerreotype. (Omaha, HR 3)

    Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill Cabinet Photographs
    Kathleen Guzman

    Fame & Fortune

    1841 Abraham Lincoln Letter
    Marsha Malinowski

    Fame & Fortune

    Hank Mann Memorabilia
    Rudy Franchi

    Fame & Fortune

    Abraham Lincoln Life Mask, ca. 1860
    Ken Farmer

    Fame & Fortune

    1948 High School Yearbook with James Dean Signature
    Caroline Ashleigh

    Fame & Fortune

    John Wesley Hardin Photograph
    Elyse Luray-Marx

    Fame & Fortune

    Marilyn Monroe Collection
    Jerry Tomlin

    Fame & Fortune

    1868 Ulysses S. Grant Letter
    Selby Kiffer

    Fame & Fortune

    Golf Set owned by Jackie Gleason
    Leila Dunbar

    Fame & Fortune

    Dee Dee Ramone Memorabilia
    Gary Sohmers

    Fame & Fortune

    20th-Century Maynard Dixon Oil Painting
    Colleene Fesko

    Fame & Fortune

    Edgar Allan Poe Daguerreotype, ca. 1847
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Fame & Fortune

    1942 Grandma Moses Painting
    Alan Fausel

    Fame & Fortune

    1942 Babe Ruth Autograph
    Mike Gutierrez

    Fame & Fortune

    1951 Autographed Lone Ranger Mask
    Simeon Lipman

    Fame & Fortune

    1814 Meriwether Lewis & William Clark Map
    Christopher Lane

    Fame & Fortune

    David Crockett Unexecuted Marriage License
    Francis Wahlgren

    Fame & Fortune

    Charles Schulz Comic Strip Art, ca. 1955
    Philip Weiss

    Fame & Fortune

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