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    Special: Greatest Gifts (2012)

    GREATEST GIFTS, filled with appraisals featuring items that guests received as presents, will get you writing your own holiday wish list.

    FEATURE: Appraisal Updates

    ROADSHOW follows up to how timeless these gift appraisal values are!
    (Special: Greatest Gifts)

    Haviland Sandoz Tea Set, ca. 1920
    David Lackey

    Greatest Gifts

    1883 Dominick & Haff Silver Tea Set
    Christopher Hartop

    Greatest Gifts

    Tin Baby Nurser, ca. 1850
    Marybeth Keene

    Greatest Gifts

    18th-Century Dutch Silver-Mounted Tanach
    Kerry Shrives

    Greatest Gifts

    American Waltham Watch Co. Pocket Watch, ca. 1887
    Kevin Zavian

    Greatest Gifts

    Signed Beatles Program, ca. 1963
    Philip Weiss

    Greatest Gifts

    1937 Clyfford Still Oil Painting
    Alasdair Nichol

    Greatest Gifts

    Louis Comfort Tiffany Necklace, ca. 1915
    Christie Romero

    Greatest Gifts

    1862 Sharps & Hankins Rifle Serial No. 1
    Rafael Eledge

    Greatest Gifts

    1966 Fender Precision Bass
    Jim Baggett

    Greatest Gifts

    Royal Doulton Sung Ware Bowl, ca. 1930
    Stuart Slavid

    Greatest Gifts

    1960 Katharine Hepburn Original Watercolor
    Kathleen Guzman

    Greatest Gifts

    Crandall Hobby Horse, ca. 1880
    Noel Barrett

    Greatest Gifts

    1797 Chester County Marriage Chest
    Leigh Keno

    Greatest Gifts

    Mughal Indian Reversible Necklace, ca. 1900
    Peter Shemonsky

    Greatest Gifts

    1990 Wayne Thiebaud Pen & Ink Drawing
    Todd Weyman

    Greatest Gifts

    Roger Broders Dunkerque Travel Poster, ca. 1930
    Nicholas Lowry

    Greatest Gifts

    Austrian Majolica Vase, ca. 1900
    Nicholas Dawes

    Greatest Gifts

    French Regency Gilt Bronze Plateau, ca. 1825
    John Hays

    Greatest Gifts

    1963 & 1966 Green Bay Packers Signed Footballs
    Mike Gutierrez

    Greatest Gifts

    1904 Van Briggle Vase & Expo Medal
    David Rago

    Greatest Gifts