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    Mobile, Alabama: 2007

    © Hicks

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host sent a salute from "The City of Flags" — Mobile, Alabama — where host Mark L. Walberg and appraisers encountered a whirlwind of great finds.

    Hour 1 | Original Air Date: March 26, 2007 (#1110)

    ARTICLE: The Washington-Custis Connection

    More on Martha Custis Washington, America's first First Lady.

    Hour 2 | Original Air Date: April 2, 2007 (#1111)

    ARTICLE: Armed With a Colt Letter ...

    What does it mean to "letter" a gun? Arms expert Chris Mitchell explains.

    ARTICLE: Rare Portraits Survive Museum Blaze (In a Way)

    How a 19th-century bureaucrat's bungling plan to get rich preserved hundreds of Indian portraits whose originals were lost to fire.

    ARTICLE: Honestly Abe's Chairs?

    Did this set of dining chairs come from the Lincoln White House?

    Hour 3 | Original Air Date: April 9, 2007 (#1112)

    SLIDESHOW: Mardi Gras in Mobile

    An up-close look at costume watercolor paintings created in the early 19th century by French artist Jules Maré.

    Federal Document Chest
    Leigh Keno

    HR 1

    Verdura Flower Brooch, ca. 1954
    Berj Zavian

    HR 1

    Martin Parlor Guitar
    David Bonsey

    HR 1

    Antonio Pineda Jewelry
    Rosalie Sayyah

    HR 1

    Anna Hyatt Huntington Bronze Tiger
    Eric Silver

    HR 1

    Alberto Lynch Painting
    Alan Fausel

    HR 1

    Fake Elnathan Taber Coffin Clock
    Sean Delaney

    HR 1

    Pendant Watch with chain
    Jeanenne Bell

    HR 1

    George Ohr Vase
    Suzanne Perrault

    HR 1

    Desk and Bookcase
    Andrew Brunk

    HR 1

    Satchel Paige Engraved Watch
    Mike Gutierrez

    HR 1

    Amphora Porcelain Vase
    Jody Wilkie

    HR 1

    Henri Alphonse Barnoin Painting, ca.1920
    Alasdair Nichol

    HR 1

    Eliza Law Custis Lap Desk, ca. 1795
    C. Wesley Cowan

    HR 1

    Anna Pottery Pig Bourbon Flask, ca. 1885
    Nicholas Dawes

    HR 2

    Walter Anderson Watercolor
    Debra Force

    HR 2

    Side Chair used in Lincoln White House
    Dean Failey

    HR 2

    Navigational Cane, ca. 1860
    Marybeth Keene

    HR 2

    Colt Navy Revolver
    Christopher Mitchell

    HR 2

    1969 Rolling Stones Poster
    Gary Sohmers

    HR 2

    Indian Tribes of North America Books
    Catherine Williamson

    HR 2

    Marseille Googly Doll
    Andy Ourant

    HR 2

    Tiffany Necklace & Pin
    Joyce Jonas

    HR 2

    Windsor Armchair, ca. 1785
    Leslie Keno

    HR 2

    19th & 20th Century Inkwell Collection
    Karen Keane

    HR 2

    Irwin Bit Set & Tambour Drill Bit Box
    Lee Richmond

    HR 2

    Rookwood Jug
    Lee Richmond

    HR 2

    1969-1970 Gayle Sayers Jersey
    Simeon Lipman

    HR 2

    Weller Dickensware Vase
    David Rago

    HR 3

    Belter Armchairs, ca. 1850
    J. Michael Flanigan

    HR 3

    Confederate Belt Buckle with Stars
    Rafael Eledge

    HR 3

    Mardi Gras Costume Paintings
    Colleene Fesko

    HR 3

    Sally Hancock American Theorem, 1826
    Mitchell Keno

    HR 3

    Persian Kirman Rug
    Peter Pap

    HR 3

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Archive
    Thomas Lecky

    HR 3

    Disney Lunch Kit, ca. 1935
    Rudy Franchi

    HR 3

    Apache & Hopi Items
    Linda Dyer

    HR 3

    Polyphon Music Box
    Nick Hawkins

    HR 3

    Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet
    Virginia Salem

    HR 3

    Green Bay Packers Football
    Simeon Lipman

    HR 3

    Gold Rush Archive
    C. Wesley Cowan

    HR 3

    Rindskopf Glass Vase
    Arlie Sulka

    HR 3

    Virginia Painted Chest, ca. 1850
    Ken Farmer

    HR 3

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