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    Palm Springs, California: 2009


    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, with host Mark L. Walberg, opened its lucky 13th season in Palm Springs, California, with a mix of great good fortune and an equally staggering loss.

    Hour 1 | Original Air Date: January 5, 2009 (1301)

    SLIDESHOW: U.S. Secret Service Archive

    An up-close look at an archive of Secret Service materials, ca. 1900.

    ARTICLE: Stolen Paintings Update

    Luck and persistence have helped Jim McCarty in the quest to recover his beloved paintings, yet most of them remain at large.

    SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes in Palm Springs

    Photos from ROADSHOW's visit to Palm Springs, California, on June 7, 2008.

    Hour 2 | Original Air Date: January 12, 2009 (#1302)

    SLIDESHOW: Will Rogers & Wiley Post Memorabilia

    An in-depth look at a poignant collection of autographs and photos related to the death of two American icons

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Ted, the owner of the Rogers & Post Collection, had to say after his on-air appraisal in Palm Springs!

    Hour 3 | Original Air Date: January 19, 2009 (#1303)

    ARTICLE: Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and the KKK

    More on one of the most famous and controversial figures to emerge from the American Civil War

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Mary Jane, the owner of an incredibly valuable Joseph Stella painting in Palm Springs, had to say after her ROADSHOW appraisal!

    Gustav Stickley Andirons, ca. 1905
    Eric Silver

    HR 1

    Windsor Arm Chair & Candlestand, ca. 1800
    Leigh Keno

    HR 1

    1819 Philadelphia School Girl Silk Embroidered Picture
    Nancy Druckman

    HR 1

    Cantagalli Majolica Brackets, ca. 1905
    Jody Wilkie

    HR 1

    1964 Beatles Autographed Album, "Meet the Beatles"
    Mike Gutierrez

    HR 1

    Tiffany Studios "Saxifrage" Candlestick, ca. 1905
    Kerry Shrives

    HR 1

    Jumeau Bébé Doll, ca. 1880
    Andy Ourant

    HR 1

    1937 Clyfford Still Oil Painting
    Alasdair Nichol

    HR 1

    1906 William Keith Oil Painting
    Kathleen Harwood

    HR 1

    Elvis Presley Collection, ca. 1972
    Gary Sohmers

    HR 1

    Art Deco Emerald & Diamond Ring
    Peter Shemonsky

    HR 1

    Spanish Colonial Sideboard, ca. 1920
    Brian Witherell

    HR 2

    Three 20th-Century Vintage Posters
    Nicholas Lowry

    HR 2

    1835 James Forbes "Oriental Memoirs"
    Richard Austin

    HR 2

    Naval Captain's Uniform Group, ca. 1925
    Rafael Eledge

    HR 2

    Watling "Totem" Slot Machine, ca. 1910
    Noel Barrett

    HR 2

    Mayan Stucco Head, A.D. 600-900
    John Buxton

    HR 2

    1908 Thomas Virgil Hill Painting
    Alan Fausel

    HR 2

    Two Ludwig Bemelmans Drawings
    Stuart Whitehurst

    HR 2

    Marilyn Monroe Dress from the Film, "Some Like it Hot"
    Beth Szescila

    HR 2

    René Lalique "Bacchantes" Amber Vase, ca. 1932
    Nicholas Dawes

    HR 2

    Two 1902 Van Briggle Vases
    David Rago

    HR 2

    1779 James Peale Miniature Portrait on Ivory
    Margot Rosenberg

    HR 2

    Louis Comfort Tiffany Necklace, ca. 1915
    Christie Romero

    HR 2

    Early 20th-Century Comanche Doll Cradle
    Bruce Shackelford

    HR 3

    Karabagh Rug, ca. 1880
    Peter Pap

    HR 3

    Portrait Attributed to Sheldon Peck, ca. 1835
    Margot Rosenberg

    HR 3

    Louis Armstrong Archive, ca. 1950
    Kathleen Guzman

    HR 3

    Two Tiffany Studios Lamps, ca. 1905
    Arlie Sulka

    HR 3

    Two Rembrandt Etchings, ca. 1630
    Todd Weyman

    HR 3

    Two 1914 Saturday Evening Girls Tiles
    Suzanne Perrault

    HR 3

    1839 Miniature Chest and Document
    Ken Farmer

    HR 3

    1993 Contemporary Craft Rocker by Zachary
    Peter Loughrey

    HR 3

    Continental Silver Pheasant Table Ornament, ca. 1900
    Sarah Shinn Pratt

    HR 3