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    Special: Politically Collect (2008)

    Electing and Collecting: These two great American traditions combine in one historic hour! ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s Politically Collect commemorates political battles long past, with treasures that hail from red states and blue.

    ROADSHOW's Kennedy Tribute

    In conjunction with the broadcast premiere of JFK, a new biography from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW pays tribute from its archive.

    Kennedy and Johnson Archive

    More letters and photos from the collection of JFK's White House photographer (Orlando, Hour 3)

    Want to Meet General Sickles?:
    A Rapscallion's Résumé

    A look at the life of Civil War General Daniel Sickles proves they just don't make a good old-fashioned scoundrel like they used to. (Albuquerque, Hour 2)

    Eleanor Roosevelt Archive

    An interactive collection of White House mementos from Eleanor Roosevelt's friend and personal maid. (Philadelphia, Hour 3)

    See John Quincy Adams' Diary Online

    The Mass. Historical Society has digitized 51 volumes of Adams' personal diary, which he kept for almost 70 years.

    Benjamin Harrison Presidential Rocker, ca. 1890
    Leslie Keno

    Politically Collect

    Revolutionary War Discharge Signed by George Washington
    Stephen Massey

    Politically Collect

    Two 1947 American Political Cartoons
    Colleene Fesko

    Politically Collect

    John Quincy Adams' House of Representatives Chair
    Wendell Garrett

    Politically Collect

    Early 19th-Century George Washington Mantel Clock
    Gordon Converse

    Politically Collect

    20th-Century American Political Buttons
    Rudy Franchi

    Politically Collect

    World War I Binoculars & Franklin Delano Roosevelt Letter
    Selby Kiffer

    Politically Collect

    19th-Century Necklace with Mary Todd Lincoln Provenance
    Berj Zavian

    Politically Collect

    1848 Zachary Taylor & Lewis Cass Campaign Drum
    William Guthman

    Politically Collect

    19th-Century Folk Art Horse & Rider
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Politically Collect

    Samuel Osgood Miniature Portrait, ca. 1790
    Alan Fausel

    Politically Collect

    Jimmy Carter Affidavit from the 1976 Presidential Campaign
    Mike Gutierrez

    Politically Collect

    Haviland White House Bowls, ca. 1880
    David Lackey

    Politically Collect

    Eleanor Roosevelt Archive, ca. 1941
    Ian Ehling

    Politically Collect

    Autographed Diploma with 20th-Century Presidential Signatures
    Christopher Coover

    Politically Collect

    John F. Kennedy & Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Photographs
    Francis Wahlgren

    Politically Collect

    Congressional Desk and Chair, ca. 1857
    Brian Witherell

    Politically Collect

    Civil War Autograph Collection
    Rafael Eledge

    Politically Collect