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    Raleigh, North Carolina: 2010


    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, with host Mark L. Walberg, kicked off its million-dollar season in Raleigh, North Carolina, the home of Sir Walter Raleigh, abundant oak trees, and dazzling antiques.

    Hour 1 | Original Air Date: January 4, 2010 (#1401)

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Jinx, the owner of a collection of Chinese jade and celadon pieces from the Qianlong Period, had to say about her million-dollar moment in Raleigh!

    Hour 2 | Original Air Date: January 11, 2010 (#1402)

    SLIDESHOW: What Was Behind the Wyeth Watercolor?

    Check out what the owner found when he took the cover off the back of "The Trammel"!

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Walter, the owner of the Andrew Wyeth watercolor, had to say after his ROADSHOW appraisal.

    SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes in Raleigh

    Photos from our June 2009 visit to Raleigh, North Carolina.

    Hour 3 | Original Air Date: May 4, 2009 (#1403)

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Dena, the owner of a rifle with Mormon history, had to say after her ROADSHOW appraisal.

    SLIDESHOW: 1943 U.S. Naval Airship Service Group

    See more of these "lighter than air" airships from World War II.

    Edward Danforth Pewter Plates, ca. 1795
    Ronald Bourgeault

    HR 2

    French Mignonette Bisque Doll, ca. 1880
    Marshall Martin

    HR 2

    Minnie Evans Visionary Collage, ca. 1960
    Colleene Fesko

    HR 2

    18th-Century American Walnut Cradle
    Leslie Keno

    HR 2

    Elizabeth B. Custer Letter & Copy Photograph
    C. Wesley Cowan

    HR 2

    1974 Richard Nixon "Army One" Artifacts
    Gary Sohmers

    HR 2

    Four Royal Vienna-Style Plates
    David Lackey

    HR 2

    1812 American Needlework Sampler
    Stephen Fletcher

    HR 2

    Eastern North Carolina Bottle Case on Stand, ca. 1800
    Wendell Garrett

    HR 2

    Austrian Silver-Gilt and Jadeite Box, ca. 1920
    Anne Igelbrink

    HR 2

    Late 19th-Century Chinese Famille Rose Charger
    Robert Waterhouse

    HR 2

    John Bennett Faience Vase with Bird, ca. 1885
    David Rago

    HR 2

    Virginia Federal Pembroke Table, ca. 1800
    Andrew Brunk

    HR 3

    Maria & Popovi Pottery, ca. 1965
    Bruce Shackelford

    HR 3

    Longwy Bride's Basket, ca. 1885
    Stuart Whitehurst

    HR 3

    1943 U.S. Naval Airship Service Group
    Gary Piattoni

    HR 3

    1937 Martin D-18 Acoustic Guitar
    Jim Baggett

    HR 3

    Two John Gaines Side Chairs, ca. 1725
    Leigh Keno

    HR 3

    Malibu Potteries Salesman Sample Book, ca. 1930
    Suzanne Perrault

    HR 3

    1966 Inscribed Orrefors "Ariel" Vase
    Arlie Sulka

    HR 3

    Russian Drink Set & Wax Case, ca.1980
    Peter Shemonsky

    HR 3

    Confederate Master & Slave Tintype, ca. 1861
    C. Wesley Cowan

    HR 3

    Packard Enamel-on-Steel Sign, ca. 1932
    Rudy Franchi

    HR 3

    Vintage Paperbacks & Original Cover Art
    Ken Gloss

    HR 3

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