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    Special: Relative Riches (2009)

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW puts family folklore to the test! From tall tales to tall chests, the special Relative Riches shows the proof is in the provenance.

    HIGHLIGHT: Seattle Crazy Quilt

    Nancy Druckman appraises a quilt, ca. 1890, embroidered with Seattle's history and worth $10,000.
    (Seattle, Hour 1)

    HIGHLIGHT: New England Desk and Contents

    Andrew Brunk appraises a desk made in New England, ca. 1760, filled with family heirlooms and American artifacts worth $100,000. (Dallas, Hour 2)

    Pocket Watch with Fob Chain
    Fred Nevill

    Relative Riches

    German Blanket Chest, ca. 1590
    John Hays

    Relative Riches

    1838 Texas Land Office Book
    Stephen Massey

    Relative Riches

    Staffordshire Transfer Print Platter, ca. 1825
    Jody Wilkie

    Relative Riches

    Seattle Crazy Quilt, ca. 1890
    Nancy Druckman

    Relative Riches

    18th-Century Chinese Export Chest
    Lark Mason

    Relative Riches

    John Robert McChesney "Gal-Leg" Spurs, ca. 1900
    Bruce Shackelford

    Relative Riches

    Two Chinoiserie Bottles, ca. 1685
    Christopher Hartop

    Relative Riches

    William Norton Painting, ca. 1900
    Alan Fausel

    Relative Riches

    Cartier Cigarette Case, ca. 1910
    Barry Weber

    Relative Riches

    1914 Earle Staffordshire Pottery Book
    David Lackey

    Relative Riches

    Ruby & Diamond Bracelet, ca. 1895
    Berj Zavian

    Relative Riches

    Kentucky Corner Cupboard, ca. 1815
    Leigh Keno

    Relative Riches

    Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with Accessories
    Paul Carella

    Relative Riches

    New England Desk & Contents, ca. 1760
    Andrew Brunk

    Relative Riches