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    Special: Roadshow Remembers (2006)

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW lifts the lid on 10 years of treasures with Roadshow Remembers, a special edition designed to test the memory of hardcore fans and kindle the curiosity of newcomers.

    What's the Value of Research?

    A stoneware expert goes to extra lengths in an effort to learn the origins of a newly discovered jug (St. Paul, Hour 2)

    John "Kew" Dodd Bow, ca. 1830
    Kerry Keane

    Roadshow Remembers

    1897 "Yes, Virginia" Santa Claus Letter
    Kathleen Guzman

    Roadshow Remembers

    18th-Century Philadelphia Chippendale Chair
    Leigh Keno

    Roadshow Remembers

    1927-1929 Newcomb College Pottery
    David Lackey

    Roadshow Remembers

    "Gone With the Wind" Pre-Production Script
    Rudy Franchi

    Roadshow Remembers

    Maurice Brazil Prendergast Color Monotype, ca. 1895>
    Todd Weyman

    Roadshow Remembers

    Silk-Embroidered Mourning Picture
    Nancy Druckman

    Roadshow Remembers

    Tiffany & Company Yellow Diamond Pendant. ca. 1919
    Gloria Lieberman

    Roadshow Remembers

    Jacob Hurd Cream Jug, ca. 1745
    Jeanne Sloane

    Roadshow Remembers

    Two Late 19th-Century Antonio Jacobsen Paintings
    Alan Fausel

    Roadshow Remembers

    Augusta Savage Sculpture, "Gamin"
    Eric Silver

    Roadshow Remembers

    Early 20th-Century Iron & Tin Rooster Trade Sign
    Ken Farmer

    Roadshow Remembers

    Two Miwok Baskets, ca. 1905
    Bruce Shackelford

    Roadshow Remembers

    1876 Harley & Carll Jug
    Allan Katz

    Roadshow Remembers

    Patek Philippe Pocket Watch, ca. 1914
    Paul Hartquist

    Roadshow Remembers

    1907 Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings
    Ken Gloss

    Roadshow Remembers

    Simon Willard Clock, ca. 1823
    Stephen Fletcher

    Roadshow Remembers

    Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Signed Shoe
    Simeon Lipman

    Roadshow Remembers

    Jade Pendant & Compact
    Berj Zavian

    Roadshow Remembers

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