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    San Antonio, Texas: 2008

    © Seidel

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and host Mark L. Walberg paid its second visit to San Antonio, Texas, where appraisers corralled treasures from all over the map.

    Hour 1 | Original Air Date: February 18, 2008 (#1207)

    ARTICLE: Geronimo: Beyond the Name

    Geronimo's name lives on in the folklore of the West. But who was he really?

    ARTICLE: How to Date an Old Horse ...

    What's a thermoluminescence test, and how is it used to authenticate ancient pottery?

    Hour 2 | Original Air Date: February 25, 2008 (#1208)

    ARTICLE: Unraveling a Needlework Mystery

    Following the "thread" of Elizabeth Ann Pitman's Rhode Island sampler.

    ARTICLE: Medieval, Renaissance, or a Later Replica?

    Is this statue a 15th-century original? The answer to that question could be worth about $100,000.

    YOUR STORIES: Donald and Jeanette G.

    Donald and Jeanette G. tell us about their JFK assassination newspaper and original print roller from the Dallas Morning News.

    Hour 3 | Original Air Date: March 24, 2008 (#1209)

    SLIDESHOW: Buddy Holly and The Crickets Collection

    An up-close look at memorabilia from the short but legendary career of rock-and-roll pioneers Buddy Holly and The Crickets


    Kay from San Antonio, Texas, tells us about her beer stein.


    SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes in San Antonio

    Photos from ROADSHOW's visit to San Antonio, Texas, on July 14, 2007.

    1862 Young Shop-Engraved Colt Pistol
    Rafael Eledge

    HR 1

    1900 Della Robbia Vase
    David Rago

    HR 1

    1791 William Stillman Tall Case Clock
    Sean Delaney

    HR 1

    Geronimo-Signed Bow Case & Quiver
    Bruce M. Shackelford

    HR 1

    Dr. Seuss Lunch Box Art, ca. 1970
    Kathleen Guzman

    HR 1

    Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Coté Painting
    Alasdair Nichol

    HR 1

    Child's Desk-on-Frame
    Leslie Keno

    HR 1

    Aesthetic Movement Plant Stand, ca. 1880
    Karen M. Keane

    HR 1

    1905 - 1954 World Series Programs
    Jasmani Francis

    HR 1

    Tang Dynasty Ceramic Horse
    Dessa Goddard

    HR 1

    Rufino Tamayo Color Lithograph, ca. 1975
    Todd Weyman

    HR 1

    Teco Vase, ca. 1910
    Riley Humler

    HR 1

    1945 Finn Juhl Chair
    John Sollo

    HR 1

    Confederate Surgeon Archive
    Ken Sanders

    HR 1

    Raimundo Madrazo Painting, ca. 1880
    Alan Fausel

    HR 1

    Chinese Carved Walnut Shells, ca. 1910
    James Callahan

    HR 2

    Buddy "L" Bus & Fire Truck, ca. 1925
    Noel Barrett

    HR 2

    Salt-Glazed Stoneware, ca. 1875
    Leigh Keno

    HR 2

    19th C. British Dog Portrait
    Colleene Fesko

    HR 2

    Oscar Heyman Jewelry, ca. 1955
    Peter J. Shemonsky

    HR 2

    Texas Desk & Bookcase, ca. 1850
    Dean Failey

    HR 2

    Lambert Musical Automaton, ca. 1895
    Richard Wright

    HR 2

    Elizabeth Pitman Needlework, ca. 1810
    J. Michael Flanigan

    HR 2

    Noritake Vase with Box, ca. 1935
    David Lackey

    HR 2

    Patek Philippe Pocket Watch, ca. 1900
    Charles Tearle

    HR 2

    E.O. Goldbeck Panorama Photographs
    Daile Kaplan

    HR 2

    Italian Micromosaic Portrait, ca. 1880
    C. Wesley Cowan

    HR 2

    Silver Saint Catherine Statue
    Catherine Baron

    HR 2

    Early 20th C. Songe Mask
    John A. Buxton

    HR 2

    1943 Ernie Lombardi Jersey
    Simeon Lipman

    HR 3

    1818 Pennsylvania Fraktur
    Stephen Fletcher

    HR 3

    China Painted Candy Box, ca. 1910
    Suzanne Perrault

    HR 3

    Peter Moran Painting, ca. 1880
    Nan Chisholm

    HR 3

    1862 Jefferson Davis Letter
    Chris Coover

    HR 3

    Buddy Holly & The Crickets Collection
    Mike Gutierrez

    HR 3

    Robert Wood Painting, ca. 1930
    Alan Fausel

    HR 3

    French Lantern Clock, ca. 1725
    Robert Cheney

    HR 3

    Russian Officer's Helmet, ca. 1880
    Bruce B. Herman

    HR 3

    Diamond & Ruby Lorgnette, ca. 1910
    Joyce Jonas

    HR 3

    Georgetown Area Folk Art Map, ca. 1950
    Donald Cresswell

    HR 3

    Watch Collection
    Kevin Zavian

    HR 3

    Steuben Green Florentia Bowl, ca. 1928
    Arlie Sulka

    HR 3

    Chinese Porcelain Panels, ca. 1920
    Lark E. Mason

    HR 3

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