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    San Diego, California: 2011

    © Rhay

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and host Mark L. Walberg headed west to sunny San Diego, where appraisers spotted some exciting finds.

    Hour 1 | Original Air Date: January 24, 2011 (#1504)

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Hear more from Pat, who brought in a family portrait by Robert Henri, following her ROADSHOW appraisal.

    SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes in San Diego

    Photos from ROADSHOW's June 12 visit to San Diego!

    Hour 2 | Original Air Date: January 31, 2011 (#1505)

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Alexis, who brought in a Tekke "Animal Tree" rug she found in a dumpster, had to say after her surprising ROADSHOW appraisal.

    Hour 3 | Original Air Date: February 7, 2011 (#1506)

    ARTICLE: Owning Ivory: An Overview

    A brief guide to the complicated subject of importing, owning, and selling elephant ivory.


    VIDEO: Web-Exclusive Appraisal

    Collectibles expert Simeon Lipman appraises a 1972 "blue box," a device that placed free long-distance calls, built by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak.

    VIDEO: Web-Exclusive Appraisal

    Paintings & Drawings expert Nan Chisholm appraises a maritime painting by Dutch-American artist Mauritz de Haas.

    London Underground Posters, ca. 1930
    Nicholas Lowry

    HR 1

    Peter Voulkos Coffee Pot, ca. 1955
    Suzanne Perrault

    HR 1

    1907 Robert Henri Oil Portrait Painting
    Peter Fairbanks

    HR 1

    Charles Loloma Bracelets, ca. 1975
    Bruce Shackelford

    HR 1

    1919 Emil Artur Longen Oil Painting
    Alan Fausel

    HR 1

    Portrait Attributed to Thomas Ware, ca. 1817
    Stephen Fletcher

    HR 1

    "Stormy Weather" Working Lyrics & Koehler Painting
    Leila Dunbar

    HR 1

    English Pearlware Obelisks, ca. 1790
    David Lackey

    HR 1

    Pennsylvania Stoneware Crocks, ca. 1880
    Leslie Keno

    HR 1

    Tiffany & Company Hardstone Cameo Parure, ca. 1864
    Peter Shemonsky

    HR 1

    1855 Richard Burton "Pilgrimage to Mecca"
    Richard Austin

    HR 1

    Ohio Cherry Bureau, ca. 1825
    J. Michael Flanigan

    HR 3

    Dieppe Ivory Carving, ca. 1880
    Eric Silver

    HR 3

    Moser Style Glass Pieces, ca. 1900
    Kathleen Bailey

    HR 3

    C. F. Martin 0-28 Guitar, ca. 1895
    Jim Baggett

    HR 3

    Edwardian Cartier Tuxedo Set, ca. 1915
    Rosalie Sayyah

    HR 3

    Chinese White Jade Censer, ca. 1920
    Lark Mason

    HR 3

    Philip R. Goodwin Oil Painting, ca. 1910
    Nan Chisholm

    HR 3

    Late 19th-Century Luena Carved Staff
    John Buxton

    HR 3

    1830 American Embroidered Bedcover
    Allan Katz

    HR 3

    Edward Borein Etchings, ca. 1930
    Todd Weyman

    HR 3

    1896 Raymond Dabb Yelland Oil Sketch
    Elaine Banks Stainton

    HR 3

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