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    Special: Simply the Best (2010)

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW rounds up some of the best objects our appraisers have ever seen on the series in the special edition Simply the Best.

    VIDEO: Interview with the Owner

    Watch what Jinx, the owner of a collection of Chinese jade and celadon pieces from the Qianlong Period, had to say about her million-dollar moment in Raleigh!
    (Raleigh, Hour 1)

    ARTICLE: The Tafoyas: Legends of Pueblo Pottery

    More on this well-known family of potters.
    (St. Paul, Hour 1)

    SLIDESHOW: Frank Sinatra Signed Letter

    Read Sinatra‚Äôs tough-guy letter to columnist Mike Royko — only online!
    (Madison, Hour 1)

    Doulton Pitcher & Bowl, ca. 1900
    David Lackey

    Simply the Best

    Tang Dynasty Marble Lion
    Lark Mason

    Simply the Best

    Maria Martinez Pots, ca. 1930
    Bruce Shackelford

    Simply the Best

    Early 19th-Century Welcome Mathewson Rifle & Powderhorn
    William Guthman

    Simply the Best

    William Fiske Federal Side Chairs, ca. 1795
    J. Michael Flanigan

    Simply the Best

    Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 7 Banjo, ca. 1908
    Frederick Oster

    Simply the Best

    Plains & Prairie Indian Art
    Douglas Deihl

    Simply the Best

    Memphis Novelty Works Spur, ca. 1861
    Rafael Eledge

    Simply the Best

    Folk Art Carved Canes by Robert H. Craig
    Allan Katz

    Simply the Best

    Newcomb College Vase, ca. 1908
    Suzanne Perrault

    Simply the Best

    Ellis-Stickley Music Cabinet, ca. 1903
    John Sollo

    Simply the Best

    Evelyn Rumsey Cary "Woman Suffrage" Poster, ca. 1905
    Nicholas Lowry

    Simply the Best

    18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from Qing Dynasty
    James Callahan

    Simply the Best

    1976 Frank Sinatra Signed Letter to Mike Royko
    Simeon Lipman

    Simply the Best

    French Silk and Bone Fan, ca. 1800
    Daniel Buck Soules

    Simply the Best