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    Special: Tasty Treasures (2011)

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW serves up a cornucopia of appetizing antiques and delectable collectibles for and about eating and drinking in the special edition Tasty Treasures.

    ARTICLE: Newcomb Pottery: Cream of the Crop

    Is Newcomb Pottery still a good investment?
    (Special: Tasty Treasures)

    ARTICLE: To Be Opened, or Not to Be Opened

    What should you do with the food that's in collectible boxes and tins?
    (Special: Tasty Treasures)

    FEATURE: Tasty Treasures — Updated Appraisal Values!

    See which "tasty treasures" have aged well since their initial appraisal and which have lost their flavor.
    (Special: Tasty Treasures)

    Colonial Silver Mug by Jacob Hurd
    Christopher Hartop

    Tasty Treasures

    Korean Bowl, Chopsticks & Spoon from the Koryo Dynasty
    Lark Mason

    Tasty Treasures

    Levi Wells Prentice Painting
    Alasdair Nichol

    Tasty Treasures

    Newcomb College Chocolate Set, ca. 1905
    David Rago

    Tasty Treasures

    Early 20th-Century Advertising Cabinet & Containers
    Timothy Luke

    Tasty Treasures

    1805 Paul Storr Cruet Set
    Frank Boos

    Tasty Treasures

    Meat Serving Cart, ca. 1930
    Eric Silver

    Tasty Treasures

    Mahogany Knife Box, ca. 1800
    John Hays

    Tasty Treasures

    American Wafer Iron, ca. 1812
    William Guthman

    Tasty Treasures

    Cordials, ca. 1875
    Kathleen Bailey

    Tasty Treasures

    Civil War Confederate Canteen, Union Veteran Hat & Photo
    Rafael Eledge

    Tasty Treasures

    1863 New York Butter Churn
    Stephen Fletcher

    Tasty Treasures

    Russian Imperial Charger
    Peter Schaffer

    Tasty Treasures

    19th-Century Hawaiian Poi Pounders
    Anthony Slayter-Ralph

    Tasty Treasures

    Coalport Dessert Set, ca. 1810
    David Lackey

    Tasty Treasures

    Otto Prutscher Goblets by Bakalowits
    Arlie Sulka

    Tasty Treasures

    1925 Punch Pot
    Nicholas Dawes

    Tasty Treasures

    1766 Carved Drinking Horn
    Ken Farmer

    Tasty Treasures

    Cracker Jack Baseball Cards, ca. 1914
    Brian Marren

    Tasty Treasures

    English Pear-Form Tea Caddy, ca. 1810
    Stuart Whitehurst

    Tasty Treasures

    Moehn Breweriana Poster, ca. 1915
    Nicholas Lowry

    Tasty Treasures

    Lenticular Advertising Sign, ca. 1920
    Kathleen Guzman

    Tasty Treasures

    Tlingit Oil Bowl & Ladle
    Ted Trotta

    Tasty Treasures

    Late 19th-Century Enamel Decorated Chinese Silver Box
    Stuart Slavid

    Tasty Treasures

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