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    Special: The Boomer Years (2014)

    ©Jeffrey Dunn

    In celebration of the “Boomer Years,” ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is looking back with nostalgia at the vintage treasures from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

    Original Air Date: December 22, 2014 (#1834)

    ARTICLE | The Great Deflate

    In the fragile market for political memorabilia, more often equals less.

    SLIDESHOW | See MLK's Letter

    An in-depth look at Martin Luther King Jr.'s mixed message about "Tricky Dick."

    OWNER INTERVIEW | Earl Moran Pinup Painting, ca. 1959

    This owner's smile goes ear to ear after hearing the value of her beloved Earl Moran pinup painting, ca. 1959.

    FIELD TRIP | Modern Furniture

    John Sollo and host Mark L. Walberg take a look at modern furniture at the Public Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.

    Frisbie Pie Tin, ca, 1950
    George Glastris

    The Boomer Years

    1951 Yankees & Marilyn Monroe Signed Baseball
    Simeon Lipman

    The Boomer Years

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower Self-Portrait, ca. 1951
    Kathleen Harwood

    The Boomer Years

    20th-Century Barbie Doll Clothes & Accessories
    Timothy Luke

    The Boomer Years

    Charles Schulz Comic Strip Art, ca. 1960
    Philip Weiss

    The Boomer Years

    1958 Pablo Picasso Drawings
    Todd Weyman

    The Boomer Years

    1960 Review Edition of "To Kill A Mockingbird"
    Ken Gloss

    The Boomer Years

    1960 John F. Kennedy Campaign Poster
    Rudy Franchi

    The Boomer Years

    Alexander Calder Brooch, ca. 1958
    Peter Shemonsky

    The Boomer Years

    Smith-Miller Coca-Cola Truck, ca. 1955
    Andy Ourant

    The Boomer Years

    1962 Left-Handed Olympic White Fender Stratocaster
    Peter Shaw

    The Boomer Years

    George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture, ca. 1958
    Kerry Shrives

    The Boomer Years

    George Nakashima Walnut Trestle Table & Sketch, ca. 1955
    Leigh Keno

    The Boomer Years

    1956 David Klein TWA Poster
    Nicholas Lowry

    The Boomer Years

    Margaret De Patta Studio Jewelry, ca. 1950
    Rosalie Sayyah

    The Boomer Years

    1958 Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter
    Christopher Coover

    The Boomer Years

    1956 Elvis "Love Me Tender" Standee
    Laura Woolley

    The Boomer Years

    1950 Vladimir Kagan's Partners Desk
    Peter Loughrey

    The Boomer Years

    NASA "Mercury 7" Signed Photo, ca. 1960
    Grant Zahajko

    The Boomer Years

    Earl Moran Pinup Painting. ca. 1960
    Colleene Fesko

    The Boomer Years