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    Special: Trash to Treasure (2008)

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Trash to Treasure unwraps more than 20 incredible tales of treasures rescued from rubbish heaps, roadsides, dumpsters, and demolition sites, proving that sugar plum fairies aren't just in your dreams, they're also in your garbage.

    1820 John Trumbull Print

    Scene on a $2 bill ... An up-close look at Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence" on a little-used piece of U.S. currency. (Reno, Hour 3)

    All in Good Time

    A closer look reveals these antique watch parts are true treasures. (Reno, Hour 1)

    Standing Up to the Academy

    Why did Dudley Nichols turn down his Oscar in 1936 ... only to accept it after all? (Bismarck, Hour 3)

    China Trade Album, ca. 1850
    Carl Crossman

    Trash to Treasure

    1820 John Trumbull Print, "The Declaration of Independence"
    Christopher W Lane

    Trash to Treasure

    1905 Escapement Salesman Samples in Display Case
    Kevin Zavian

    Trash to Treasure

    1852 Applique Southern Quilt
    Ken Farmer

    Trash to Treasure

    1935 Presentation Movie Script, "The Informer"
    Mike Gutierrez

    Trash to Treasure

    New Orleans "Blue Book", ca. 1916
    Chris Coover

    Trash to Treasure

    Self-framed Riz La Tin Advertisement Sign, ca. 1910
    Philip Weiss

    Trash to Treasure

    Zuni Olla (Pot), ca. 1885
    John A Buxton

    Trash to Treasure

    Lionel #1536 Mickey Mouse Circus Train Set, ca. 1939
    Andy Ourant

    Trash to Treasure

    Doulton Lambeth Pottery, ca. 1885
    Stuart Whitehurst

    Trash to Treasure

    Cochiti Pueblo Figure, ca. 1895
    Bruce M. Shackelford

    Trash to Treasure

    Eberhard Company Ledgers, ca. 1900
    Selby Kiffer

    Trash to Treasure

    Laurelton Hall Louis Comfort Tiffany Relics
    Reyne Haines

    Trash to Treasure

    Albert Schaaf Fiat Collection
    Kathleen Guzman

    Trash to Treasure

    Judaic Etrog Box, ca. 1920
    Kerry Shrives

    Trash to Treasure

    1844 Johan Barthold Jongkind Watercolor
    Alan Fausel

    Trash to Treasure

    Medicine Cabinet, ca. 1900
    George Glastris

    Trash to Treasure

    17th-Century Flemish Tapestry
    Elisabeth Poole Parker

    Trash to Treasure

    Gerhard Bakker Works Progress Administration Prints
    Todd Weyman

    Trash to Treasure

    1920s Art Deco Cartier Cigarette Box
    David P. McCarron

    Trash to Treasure

    Silent Movie Slides, ca. 1915
    Rudy Franchi

    Trash to Treasure