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    Special: Unique Antiques (2007)

    Unique Antiques showcases some of the most outlandish, kitschy, and downright morbidly fascinating antiques and collectibles of ROADSHOW's last decade. Warning: These objects have been appraised by trained professionals &mdash don't try this at home!

    ARTICLE: Elk Antler ... and a Little Bit of Moose

    Come to find out, that peculiar chair in Omaha was made of more than just one kind of antler. (Omaha, Hour 1)

    Miniature Teapot made from a Silver Half-dime, ca. 1900
    Christopher Hartop

    Unique Antiques

    Baysot Hurdy Gurdy, ca. 1718
    Kerry Keane

    Unique Antiques

    19th-Century Palissy Ware Teapot
    David Lackey

    Unique Antiques

    Wedgwood Jasperware Sandals
    Andrew Cheney

    Unique Antiques

    Mid-19th Century American Whirligig
    Peter Curran

    Unique Antiques

    Yup'ik Harpoon Rest
    Donald Ellis

    Unique Antiques

    Somali Neckrest, ca. 1925
    John Buxton

    Unique Antiques

    Weller Skull Humidor
    Riley Humler

    Unique Antiques

    19th-Century Chair Owned by Chang Bunker
    Leigh Keno

    Unique Antiques

    19th-Century Hair Jewelry Collection
    Gloria Lieberman

    Unique Antiques

    Tiemann Surgical Instruments Set, ca. 1900
    George Glastris

    Unique Antiques

    Late 19th-Century Vintage Can Labels
    Rudy Franchi

    Unique Antiques

    19th-Century Sand Art by Andrew Clemens
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Unique Antiques

    Lake Breeze Motor Company Fan, ca. 1919
    Gary Piattoni

    Unique Antiques

    Moose & Elk Antler Chair with Woolies
    John Hays

    Unique Antiques

    Ives Clockwork Kitten in a Can, ca. 1885
    Eric Alberta

    Unique Antiques

    English Victorian Insect Collage
    Gary Espinosa

    Unique Antiques

    Early 1900s New Hampshire Prison Art
    Marybeth Keene

    Unique Antiques

    Anna Pottery Pig Bourbon Flask, ca. 1885
    Nicholas Dawes

    Unique Antiques

    Charles Rohlfs Mahogany Chair, ca. 1910
    John Sollo

    Unique Antiques