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    Special: Vintage Baltimore (2014)

    Fifteen years have passed since ANTIQUES ROADSHOW first visited Baltimore, Maryland. In this show we uncover some dramatic changes in the value of key appraisals.

    ARTICLE: Overview of Current Ivory Law

    ROADSHOW has worked with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to create this summary of current law governing the import and sale of elephant ivory.

    ARTICLE: Owning Animal-Derived Objects

    Normally, the only risk you run in buying a poorly attested antique is making a bad investment. In the case of animal-derived objects, the risks can be far greater.

    VIDEO: The Rhino Crisis & The Antiques Market

    In Cincinnati Hour 3, during a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW discusses with a representative of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service how today’s endangered rhinos are affected by the antiques trade.

    Barrel Piano, ca. 1900
    George Glastris

    Vintage Baltimore

    Raymond Loewy Railroad Renderings
    Elyse Luray

    Vintage Baltimore

    Portland Vase Plaster Cast
    Nicholas Dawes

    Vintage Baltimore

    1813 Roger B. Taney & Francis Scott Key Signed Slave Document
    Christopher Coover

    Vintage Baltimore

    Eliphalet Chapin Tea Table, ca. 1770
    John Hays

    Vintage Baltimore

    Clipper Ship Diorama, ca. 1890
    Nancy Druckman

    Vintage Baltimore

    Edgar Allan Poe Inscribed Book
    Thomas Lecky

    Vintage Baltimore

    Civil War Veteran's Cane
    Ken Farmer

    Vintage Baltimore

    Victor Gilbert Painting, ca. 1890
    Kathleen Harwood

    Vintage Baltimore

    Doll & Co. Ferris Wheel, ca. 1904
    Noel Barrett

    Vintage Baltimore

    1877 Charles Francis Albert Violin
    Frederick Oster

    Vintage Baltimore

    Pennsylvania Chest, ca. 1850
    Leigh Keno

    Vintage Baltimore

    Frederick De Wit Atlas, ca. 1680
    Francis Wahlgren

    Vintage Baltimore

    Autograph Album, ca. 1850
    Marsha Malinowski

    Vintage Baltimore

    19th Century Joseph Bernard Painting
    Colleene Fesko

    Vintage Baltimore

    1886 C.S. Fly Photo Cards
    Linda Dyer

    Vintage Baltimore

    Carrier-Belleuse Sculpture, ca. 1860
    Eric Silver

    Vintage Baltimore

    Tapestry & Belouch Rug
    James Ffrench

    Vintage Baltimore

    1934 Art Deco Travel Posters
    Nicholas Lowry

    Vintage Baltimore

    Tiffany-Style Fan Vase
    Arlie Sulka

    Vintage Baltimore

    French Pendulum Clock, ca. 1865
    Gordon Converse

    Vintage Baltimore

    Paolo Venini Art Glass Vase, ca. 1955
    Vivian Highberg

    Vintage Baltimore

    Cherrywood Child's Chest, ca. 1825
    Leslie Keno

    Vintage Baltimore

    17th Century Rhinoceros Horn Cup
    Lark Mason

    Vintage Baltimore

    Doll House, ca. 1930
    Richard Wright

    Vintage Baltimore

    Titanic Collection, ca. 1912
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Vintage Baltimore

    Arts & Crafts Art Pottery
    David Rago

    Vintage Baltimore