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    Special: Vintage Columbus (2014)

    Back in 1999, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW dropped in on Columbus, Ohio. Since then, some of the originally appraised items have soared in value, but others have sunk.

    Highlight: Ledger Drawings

    Compare the drawings found 15 years ago in Columbus to larger ones uncovered in Seattle. Learn more about their context by taking a closer look.

    Highlight: Thomas Jefferson Collectibles

    Interested in exploring more of ROADSHOW's Thomas Jefferson finds? Check out this list of our favorites.

    Weller Dickens Ware Skull Humidor
    Riley Humler

    Vintage Columbus

    Pocket Watch Collection
    Jonathan Snellenburg

    Vintage Columbus

    1881 John George Brown Print
    Donald Cresswell

    Vintage Columbus

    Plains Indian Pictographs, ca. 1882
    Roy Harrell

    Vintage Columbus

    French Benjamin Franklin Bronze, ca. 1870
    Eric Silver

    Vintage Columbus

    Chester Cornett Rocker, ca. 1975
    Leslie Keno

    Vintage Columbus

    Pennsylvania Stoneware Crocks
    J. Garrison Stradling

    Vintage Columbus

    Postmaster Group & Thomas Jefferson Letter
    John Schulman

    Vintage Columbus

    1828 J.A. Beaujeu Exercise Book
    Peter Kraus

    Vintage Columbus

    Gold Rush Money Vest, ca. 1849
    Leila Dunbar

    Vintage Columbus

    1939 Arcade Tractor & Rake
    Noel Barrett

    Vintage Columbus

    Pyrography Plant Stand & Table
    Leigh Keno

    Vintage Columbus

    Japanese Hirado Porcelain, ca. 1850
    Marvin Sokolow

    Vintage Columbus

    African Folk Art Carvings, ca. 1960
    John Buxton

    Vintage Columbus

    Pennsylvania Dower Chest, ca. 1835
    Wendell Garrett

    Vintage Columbus

    Marx Roy Rogers Playset, ca. 1950
    Timothy Luke

    Vintage Columbus

    Demetre Chiparus "Invocation" Statue
    Lawrence DuMouchelle

    Vintage Columbus

    Plains Indian Tomahawk, ca. 1870
    Douglas Deihl

    Vintage Columbus

    1910 Ohio State Homecoming Bandana
    Daniel Buck Soules

    Vintage Columbus

    1912 Maynard Dixon Oil Painting
    Nan Chisholm

    Vintage Columbus

    Gibson L-3 Guitar with Harmonica
    Ken Farmer

    Vintage Columbus

    A.E. Tile Co. Panel, ca. 1920
    Suzanne Perrault

    Vintage Columbus

    Shenandoah Fraktur Book, ca. 1808
    Nancy Druckman

    Vintage Columbus

    Albert Cheuret Art Deco Clocks
    David McCarron

    Vintage Columbus

    Staffordshire Historical Plate
    David Lackey

    Vintage Columbus

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