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    Special: Vintage Houston (2012)

    In this "vintage" episode, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW moseys back in time to Houston, 1998. Fourteen years later, find out if the treasures ROADSHOW corralled back then have made hay or been put out to pasture.

    HIGHLIGHT: Adolph Kempen Walnut Desk, ca. 1870

    Leslie Keno appraises a rare Victorian desk that combines elements of Rococo, Renaissance, and Gothic influence. But how have recent times influenced the desk's value?

    Adolph Kempen Walnut Desk, ca. 1870
    Leslie Keno

    Vintage Houston

    World War II Paris Hotel Guest Book
    Marsha Malinowski

    Vintage Houston

    French Clock & Jardinière, ca. 1850
    Nicholas Dawes

    Vintage Houston

    1898 Maria Longworth Storer Bronze Vase Base
    Eric Silver

    Vintage Houston

    English Marquetry Table, ca. 1880
    Kerry Shrives

    Vintage Houston

    French Automaton Doll, ca. 1900
    Richard Wright

    Vintage Houston

    1888 Silver Whiskey Flask
    Jeanne Sloane

    Vintage Houston

    Contemporary West African Figures
    John Buxton

    Vintage Houston

    Fashion Lady Doll and Greiner's Doll
    Ann Hays

    Vintage Houston

    American Memorial Brooch, ca. 1850
    Joyce Jonas

    Vintage Houston

    Japanese Cloisonné Palace Vase
    David McCarron

    Vintage Houston

    Gustav Stickley Dining Room Set
    Karen Keane

    Vintage Houston

    1912 Titanic Luncheon Menu
    Rudy Franchi

    Vintage Houston

    1813 Zedekiah Belknap Portraits
    Ronald Bourgeault

    Vintage Houston

    Abraham Lincoln Life Mask, ca. 1880
    Ken Farmer

    Vintage Houston

    Buffalo Bill Photographs
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Vintage Houston

    Fake Indian Arrow Quiver in Case
    Bruce Shackelford

    Vintage Houston

    19th-Century Chinese Jade Scepter
    Amanda Miller

    Vintage Houston

    Doulton Company Pitcher & Bowl, ca. 1900
    David Lackey

    Vintage Houston

    Newcomb College Ceramic Pitcher, ca. 1900
    David Rago

    Vintage Houston

    American Mahogany Liquor Case, ca. 1800
    Ken Farmer

    Vintage Houston

    Scottish Agate Bracelet, ca. 1860
    Barry Weber

    Vintage Houston

    Basan Rembrandt Etching, ca. 1780
    Todd Weyman

    Vintage Houston

    Italian Plaster Intaglios, ca. 1835
    John Crabtree

    Vintage Houston