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    Special: Vintage Phoenix (2012)

    In this "vintage" episode, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW travels back in space and time to Phoenix, Arizona to see what became of the believe-it-or-not discovers ROADSHOW made there in 1997.

    HIGHLIGHT: 1966 "Hogan's Heroes" Lunch Box

    Rudy Franchi appraises a Hogan's Heroes lunchbox that was quite the collectible back when the appraisal was taped in 1997, but would it still get a hero's welcome today?

    George III Silver Pitcher, ca. 1771
    Jeanne Sloane

    Vintage Phoenix

    En Tremblant Dragonfly Pin, ca. 1950
    Barry Weber

    Vintage Phoenix

    Envelope Seal, ca.1860
    Leonard Sipiora

    Vintage Phoenix

    1862 Victorian Wedgwood Majolica Game Pie Dish
    Nicholas Dawes

    Vintage Phoenix

    Palissy Ware Teapot, ca. 1865
    David Lackey

    Vintage Phoenix

    Frances Tipton Hunter Illustrations, ca. 1940
    Colleene Fesko

    Vintage Phoenix

    Peruvian Vargueño & Miniature Petaca, ca.1750
    August Uribe

    Vintage Phoenix

    Tiffany Studios Fish Lamp
    Louise Luther

    Vintage Phoenix

    Chester County, Pennsylvania Spice Cabinet, ca. 1770
    J. Michael Flanigan

    Vintage Phoenix

    1920 Newcomb College Vase
    David Rago

    Vintage Phoenix

    1966 "Hogan's Heroes" Lunch Box
    Rudy Franchi

    Vintage Phoenix

    Sèvres-Style Cup and Saucer, ca. 1950
    Jody Wilkie

    Vintage Phoenix

    Wedgwood Jasperware High-heel Shoes
    Andrew Cheney

    Vintage Phoenix

    Inro and Netsuke Group
    Amanda Miller

    Vintage Phoenix

    Judaic Etrog Box, ca. 1920
    Kerry Shrives

    Vintage Phoenix

    1897 "Yes, Virginia" Santa Claus Letter
    Kathleen Guzman

    Vintage Phoenix

    Stromberg Archtop Guitar, ca. 1950
    Kerry Keane

    Vintage Phoenix

    Mason and Hod Carrier Mechanical Bank, ca. 1890
    Noel Barrett

    Vintage Phoenix

    "North American Indian," Vol. 1 by Edward S. Curtis
    Selby Kiffer

    Vintage Phoenix