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    Special: Vintage Providence (2014)

    Fifteen years after its first trip to Providence, Rhode Island, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW looks back to see what some of the most memorable objects are worth today.

    Article: Spoils of War

    A consideration of the delicate nature of items acquired overseas during wartime, and rightful ownership.

    New York Tea Table, ca. 1765
    Albert Sack

    Vintage Providence

    Persian & Mughal Miniatures
    James Callahan

    Vintage Providence

    Boy Scout Neckerchief Slides
    Karen Keane

    Vintage Providence

    Early 19th-Century George Washington Mantel Clock
    Gordon Converse

    Vintage Providence

    1936 Peter Rabbit Handcar with Box
    Leila Dunbar

    Vintage Providence

    Thomas Commereau Stoneware Jug
    John Hays

    Vintage Providence

    1865 Civil War Allegory Lithograph
    Christopher Lane

    Vintage Providence

    Roseville Pottery Sign, ca. 1940
    David Rago

    Vintage Providence

    Maurice Brazil Prendergast Color Monotype, ca. 1895
    Todd Weyman

    Vintage Providence

    Edward Farmer Jade and Gold Box
    Lark Mason

    Vintage Providence

    Gabriel Argy-Rousseau French Compote
    David McCarron

    Vintage Providence

    Wedgwood Chatelaine & Watch
    Jonathan Snellenburg

    Vintage Providence

    Original Billboard Artwork, ca. 1946
    Rudy Franchi

    Vintage Providence

    Late 20th-Century Cigar Store Indian
    Leigh Keno

    Vintage Providence

    Pre-Columbian Stirrup Vessel
    John Buxton

    Vintage Providence

    Late 19th-Century French Porcelain Coffee Service
    Andrea Blunck Frost

    Vintage Providence

    Jacob Maentel Watercolor, ca. 1810
    Nancy Druckman

    Vintage Providence

    Massachusetts Machinist's Level
    Lee Richmond

    Vintage Providence

    Tarzan Book Collection
    Francis Wahlgren

    Vintage Providence

    Cartier Ruby & Diamond Compact
    Berj Zavian

    Vintage Providence

    Martin Chase Company Dolls
    Richard Wright

    Vintage Providence

    German Toy Bus & Car, ca. 1935
    Noel Barrett

    Vintage Providence

    Silver-Plated Commemorative Spoon
    Christopher Hartop

    Vintage Providence

    Frederic Remington "The Sergeant" Bronze, ca. 1905
    Jerry Tomlin

    Vintage Providence

    1851 J.F. Herring Painting
    Frank Boos

    Vintage Providence

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