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    Special: Vintage Toronto (2014)

    When ROADSHOW made a stop in Toronto in 1999, it came across stand-out objects. Do these items still hold their own in today's market?

    ARTICLE: Overview of Current Ivory Law

    ROADSHOW has worked with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to create this summary of current law governing the import and sale of elephant ivory.

    HIGHLIGHT: Finders Keepers?

    This cast iron bird gate weight has a foggy ownership background. Does the age-old idiom hold up for it?

    Arts & Crafts Sideboard
    Dean Failey

    Vintage Toronto

    1920 Belleek China Painted Vase
    David Rago

    Vintage Toronto

    British Naval Chair, ca. 1810
    Gary Piattoni

    Vintage Toronto

    Massachusetts Acts Sammelband
    Selby Kiffer

    Vintage Toronto

    Lucy Peck Poured Wax Doll, ca. 1875
    Richard Wright

    Vintage Toronto

    Ming Dynasty Roof Tile
    Becky MacGuire

    Vintage Toronto

    Brooch, Pendant, & Grape Shears
    Berj Zavian

    Vintage Toronto

    John McGhie Oil Painting, ca. 1915
    Alasdair Nichol

    Vintage Toronto

    KPM Porcelain Plaque, ca. 1900
    Stuart Slavid

    Vintage Toronto

    Reproduction Green Glass Roemers
    Nicholas Dawes

    Vintage Toronto

    1879 English Needlework Sampler
    Stephen Fletcher

    Vintage Toronto

    Duiffopruggar-Style Violin
    Charles Rudig

    Vintage Toronto

    George Baxter Prints, ca. 1840
    Evelyn Kraus

    Vintage Toronto

    Cast Iron Bird Gate Weight, ca, 1900
    Ken Farmer

    Vintage Toronto

    Victorian Carved Oak Bed
    Leslie Keno

    Vintage Toronto

    Charles Hunter Brassie, ca. 1880
    Christopher Mitchell

    Vintage Toronto

    Demetre Chiparus Bronze Figure, "Starfish"
    David McCarron

    Vintage Toronto

    Indian Colonial Silver Tea Service
    Christopher Hartop

    Vintage Toronto

    World War II German POW Ship in a Bottle made in Canada
    Daniel Buck Soules

    Vintage Toronto

    Rolex "Prince" Wristwatch, ca. 1930
    Kevin Zavian

    Vintage Toronto

    Children's Books & C.R. Milne Letter
    Peter Kraus

    Vintage Toronto

    Mohawk Child's Moccasins, ca. 1860
    Donald Ellis

    Vintage Toronto

    Goanese Serving Shelf, ca. 1860
    Lark Mason

    Vintage Toronto

    Tall-Back Arts & Crafts Chair
    Johanna McBrien

    Vintage Toronto

    Napoleonic Memorabilia
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Vintage Toronto

    Marquetry Coat Rack, ca. 1940
    Leigh Keno

    Vintage Toronto