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    Special: Vintage Tucson (2016)

    Discover how values from a 2001 trip to Tucson hold up in today’s market.

    TOPIC | Endangered Species

    Parts of this 1938 C.F. Martin 000-42 guitar are derived from endangered species. Take a look at resources about the topic of antiques deriving from endangered species.

    VIDEO | Vintage Tucson Snapshots

    Check out the Snapshots from Vintage Tucson

    ARTICLE | Navajo Chief's Blankets: Three Phases

    Evolutions in the style of chief's blankets through the 19th century.

    PODCAST | ROADSHOW Guessing Game: Vintage Summer is Back!

    Antiques Roadshow Podcast host Adam Monahan is joined by colleagues Jill Giles and Sam Farrell to celebrate the return of Vintage Summer on Monday, June 20th with a round of the "Roadshow Guessing Game," where they guess if values of appraisals from 2001 went up, down, or stayed the same.

    Silver Service & Dresser Set, ca. 1900
    Frank Boos

    Vintage Tucson

    Edgar Alwin Payne Painting, ca. 1925
    Nan Chisholm

    Vintage Tucson

    Steve Wozniak-signed Apple Computer
    George Glastris

    Vintage Tucson

    1938 C.F. Martin 000-42 Guitar
    Kerry K. Keane

    Vintage Tucson

    Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket, ca. 1850
    Donald Ellis

    Vintage Tucson

    1935 Carl Becker Violin
    Claire Givens

    Vintage Tucson

    New York Federal Sideboard, ca. 1790
    Leigh Keno

    Vintage Tucson

    Whitney Cartes de Visite, ca. 1865
    Daile Kaplan

    Vintage Tucson

    Lalique "Escargot" Vase, ca. 1920
    Nicholas M. Dawes

    Vintage Tucson

    Robert Sneden Civil War Watercolor
    Donald Cresswell

    Vintage Tucson

    Zuni Frog Pot, ca. 1880
    John A. Buxton

    Vintage Tucson

    Henri d'Allemagne Dolls, ca. 1920
    Richard Wright

    Vintage Tucson

    Ives Oversized Fire Pumper, ca. 1912
    Noel Barrett

    Vintage Tucson

    English Clothes Press, ca. 1780
    Leslie Keno

    Vintage Tucson

    van Leyden Engraving & Dürer Repro
    Todd Weyman

    Vintage Tucson

    Revolutionary War Manuscript Album
    Selby Kiffer

    Vintage Tucson

    Gustav Stickley Sideboard, ca. 1907
    David Rago

    Vintage Tucson

    Peruvian Retablo & Original Frame, ca. 1750
    August Uribe

    Vintage Tucson

    Federal Miniature Chest, ca. 1810
    Sarah Shinn Pratt

    Vintage Tucson

    Japanese Bronze Tiger, ca. 1904
    Lark E. Mason

    Vintage Tucson

    1887 San Xavier Hotel Ledger & Ephemera
    C. Wesley Cowan

    Vintage Tucson

    1st U.S. Edition "Huckleberry Finn" Book
    Francis J. Wahlgren

    Vintage Tucson

    Hand-beaded Purse, ca. 1900
    Beth Szescila

    Vintage Tucson

    1801 Robert Sharp Mazarine
    Juliet Nusser

    Vintage Tucson