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    Special: Wild Things (2005)

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Wild Things revisits the most memorable animal-themed antiques and collectibles showcased on ROADSHOW over the years.

    Aesthetic Movement: A Break with the Past

    Like most transitional periods in art, the Aesthetic Movement was frenetic and short-lived — but important. (Oklahoma City, Hour 1)

    Hunting for Duck Decoys

    If it looks like a duck, but doesn't sound like a duck, it's probably a decoy. Learn more about these collectible deceivers. (Indianapolis, Hour 3)

    A Wild(life) Italian Surprise

    What happened to the spectacular bronze pelican brought to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW?
    (Savannah, Hour 3)

    Austrian "Naughty" Cat Bronze, ca. 1900
    Gary Piattoni

    Wild Things

    Mid-20th Century Wang Butterfly Wing Collage
    Jerry Tomlin

    Wild Things

    Colima Dog Statue Reproduction
    John Buxton

    Wild Things

    Black Forest Carved Dog
    Anne Igelbrink

    Wild Things

    Rambling Mickey Mouse Toy & Original Box, ca. 1934
    Bill Bertoia

    Wild Things

    Cast Iron Bird Gate Weight
    Ken Farmer

    Wild Things

    Late Period Egyptian Bronze Falcon
    Max Bernheimer

    Wild Things

    "Kangaroo Bird" Sculpture by Dr. Seuss
    Simeon Lipman

    Wild Things

    Charles Perdew Decoys
    Nancy Druckman

    Wild Things

    Tsimshian Chief's Rattle, ca. 1880
    Donald Ellis

    Wild Things

    Meiji Silver Insects
    James Callahan

    Wild Things

    Spanish Earrings & Dragonfly Brooch
    Joyce Jonas

    Wild Things

    19th-Century Blue Opaline Snake Paperweight
    Alan Kaplan

    Wild Things

    Rembrandt Bugatti Bronze Bird
    Eric Silver

    Wild Things

    Charles Van den Eycken & A.J. Simms Paintings
    Colleene Fesko

    Wild Things

    19th-Century Aesthetic Movement Elephant Table
    J. Michael Flanigan

    Wild Things

    Frank Tenney Johnson Painting, ca. 1931
    Alan Fausel

    Wild Things

    19th-Century Palissyware Fish Platter
    Stuart Slavid

    Wild Things

    1882 Surprise Box Cap Shooter
    Noel Barrett

    Wild Things

    Moravian Green Fish Flask, ca. 1810
    J. Garrison Stradling

    Wild Things