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    Field Trips

    Information about the experts and resources featured in ROADSHOW's "field trip" segments.

    Field Trip Videos
    Detroit HR 2
    Vintage Car Models »
    Detroit HR 3
    Saarinen House »
    Baton Rouge HR 1
    Antique Campeche Chairs »
    Baton Rouge HR 2
    Clementine Hunter Paintings »
    Baton Rouge HR 3
    Civil War Grenades »
    Kansas City HR 1
    Robinson-Signed Baseball »
    Kansas City HR 2
    Vintage Dolls Houses »
    Kansas City HR 3
    Lange's "Migrant Mother" »
    Anaheim HR 2
    Rickenbacker Guitars »
    Richmond HR 1
    Silver Coffee & Tea Pots »
    Richmond HR 2
    Federal Era Collectibles »
    Richmond HR 3
    Tall Case Clock »
    Jacksonville HR 1
    Lost Films of Norman Studios »
    Jacksonville HR 2
    Antique Pirate Book »
    Jacksonville HR 3
    Louis C. Tiffany Windows »

    Boise, Hour 1 | Episode 1801

    Egyptian-Revival Jewelry:

    The Egyptian Theatre

    Boise, Hour 2 | Episode 1802

    Law Enforcement Collectibles:

    The Old Idaho Penitentiary

    Idaho State Historical Society

    Boise, Hour 3 | Episode 1803

    The Art of James Castle:

    Boise Art Museum

    Detroit, Hour 1 | Episode 1804

    Motown Records Vintage Albums:

    Motown Museum

    Detroit, Hour 2 | Episode 1805

    Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum:

    Motown Museum

    Detroit, Hour 3 | Episode 1806

    The Work of Eliel Saarinen:

    Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum

    Baton Rouge, Hour 1 | Episode 1807

    Antique Campeche Chairs:

    Magnolia Mound Plantation House

    Baton Rouge, Hour 2 | Episode 1808

    Clementine Hunter Paintings:

    Louisiana State University Museum of Art

    Baton Rouge, Hour 3 | Episode 1809

    Civil War Hand Grenades:

    Port Hudson State Historical Site

    Kansas City, Hour 1 | Episode 1810

    Jackie Robinson-Signed Baseball:

    Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

    Kansas City, Hour 2 | Episode 1811

    Vintage Dolls Houses:

    National Museum of Toys & Miniatures

    Kansas City, Hour 3 | Episode 1812

    Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother":

    The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

    Anaheim, Hour 1 | Episode 1813

    Vintage Queen Mary Collectibles:

    The Queen Mary

    International Poster Gallery

    Anaheim, Hour 2 | Episode 1814

    Rickenbacker Guitars:

    Rickenbacker International Corporation

    Anaheim, Hour 3 | Episode 1815

    Joseff of Hollywood Jewelry:


    Richmond, Hour 1 | Episode 1816

    Silver Coffee & Tea Pots:

    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

    Richmond, Hour 2 | Episode 1817

    Federal Era Collectibles:

    Wilton House Museum

    Richmond, Hour 3 | Episode 1818

    Tall Case Clock:

    The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg

    Knoxville, Hour 1 | Episode 1819

    Appalachian Musical Instruments:

    Museum of Appalachia

    Knoxville, Hour 2 | Episode 1820

    Vintage Books About Evolution:

    City of Dayton

    Rhea County Courthouse

    Knoxville, Hour 3 | Episode 1821

    Prehistoric Native American Stone Artifacts:

    McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

    Jacksonville, Hour 1 | Episode 1822

    Lost Films of Norman Studios:

    City of Jacksonville

    Norman Studios Silent Film Museum

    Jacksonville, Hour 2 | Episode 1823

    Antique Pirate Book, Bucaniers of America:

    St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum

    Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

    Jacksonville, Hour 3 | Episode 1824

    Louis C. Tiffany Windows:

    Flager College

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