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    Field Trips

    Information about the experts and resources featured in ROADSHOW's "field trip" segments.

    Honolulu, Hour 1 | Episode 1101

    Hawaiian Quilts:
    Daughters of Hawai'i
    Queen Emma Summer Palace

    'Iolani Palace
    Friends of 'Iolani Palace

    Convention Center:
    Hawai'i Visitors and Convention Bureau

    Honolulu, Hour 2 | Episode 1102

    Vintage Ukuleles:
    Kamaka Hawaii, Inc.

    Convention Center:
    Hawai'i Visitors and Convention Bureau

    Honolulu, Hour 3 | Episode 1103

    Doris Duke's House:
    Shangri La

    Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

    Convention Center:
    Hawai'i Visitors and Convention Bureau

    Philadelphia, Hour 1 | Episode 1104

    Appraiser Favorites:
    Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Philadelphia, Hour 3 | Episode 1106

    Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - Then & Now:
    Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

    Tucson, Hour 1 | Episode 1107

    Antique Horse-Drawn Vehicles:
    Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum

    Lazy K Bar Ranch

    Tucson, Hour 2 | Episode 1108

    Vintage Southwest American Indian Jewelry:
    Arizona Inn

    Tucson, Hour 3 | Episode 1109

    Horses in American Art:
    Tucson Museum of Art

    Mobile, Hour 1 | Episode 1110

    Ohr Pottery Collection Saved After Hurricane Katrina:
    Mobile Museum of Art

    Ohr-O'Keefe Museum

    Mobile, Hour 2 | Episode 1111

    Antique American Bird Prints:
    Dauphin Island Park and Beach Board

    Mobile, Hour 3 | Episode 1112

    Antique Medical Tools and "Quack" Devices:
    Mobile Medical Museum

    Salt Lake City, Hour 1 | Episode 1113

    Olympic Memorabilia:
    Utah Olympic Park

    Salt Lake City, Hour 2 | Episode 1114

    European furniture Warehouse:
    Euro Treasure

    Salt Lake City, Hour 3 | Episode 1115

    Minerals, Rocks, and Gems:
    Utah Museum of Natural History

    Milwaukee, Hour 1 | Episode 1117

    German Steins:
    German Fest

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