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    Field Trips

    Information about the experts and resources featured in ROADSHOW's "field trip" segments.

    Miami Beach, Hour 1 | Episode 1501

    A Retail Hunt for Mid-Century Modern Items:
    M.A.D.E. (Miami Antique & Design Expo)
    (305) 757-2044

    Sabina Danenberg Antiques

    The Coop Thrift Shop

    Miami Beach, Hour 2 | Episode 1502

    Tips on Selling Gold:
    The City of Miami Beach

    Loews Miami Beach Hotel

    Miami Beach, Hour 3 | Episode 1503

    World's Fair Objects:
    The Wolfsonian-Florida International University

    San Diego, Hour 1 | Episode 1504

    Vintage Steiff Animals:
    San Diego Zoo

    San Diego, Hour 2 | Episode 1505

    19th-Century American Naval Cutlasses:
    USS Midway Museum

    San Diego, Hour 3 | Episode 1506

    Early Aviation Posters:
    Allen Airways Flying Museum

    Des Moines, Hour 1 | Episode 1507

    Andrew Clemens Sand Art:
    State Historical Museum of Iowa

    Des Moines, Hour 2 | Episode 1508

    Charles Dickens Extra-Illustrated Set:
    Salisbury House & Gardens

    Des Moines, Hour 3 | Episode 1509

    Beautiful Bee Objects:
    Spring Valley Honey Farms

    Small Potatoes Farm

    Billings, Hour 1 | Episode 1510

    Seventh Cavalry Weapons of the Battle of Little Bighorn:
    Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

    Real Bird's Little Bighorn Reenactment

    U.S. Cavalry School

    Billings, Hour 2 | Episode 1511

    Thomas Molesworth Furniture:
    Buffalo Bill Historical Center

    Billings, Hour 3 | Episode 1512

    J.H. Sharp Paintings:
    Yellowstone Art Museum

    Biloxi, Hour 1 | Episode 1513

    George Ohr Tea Pots:
    Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art

    Biloxi, Hour 2 | Episode 1514

    Space Toys:
    NASA — John C. Stennis Space Center

    Mark Bergin Toys

    Biloxi, Hour 3 | Episode 1515

    Walter Anderson Works of Art:
    Walter Anderson Museum of Art

    Washington, DC, Hour 1 | Episode 1516

    Early American Art & Antiques:
    Diplomatic Reception Rooms
    U.S. Department of State

    Washington, DC, Hour 2 | Episode 1517

    New Deal Art Recovery:
    Fine Arts Program
    General Services Administration

    Detroit Institute of Arts

    Washington, DC, Hour 3 | Episode 1518

    Miniature Portraits:
    Luce Foundation Center for American Art
    Smithsonian American Art Museum

    Lunder Conservation Center
    Smithsonian American Art Museum

    Updated 5.23.2011