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    Field Trips

    Information about the experts and resources featured in ROADSHOW's "field trip" segments.

    Field Trip Videos
    Tulsa HR 1
    Wild West Posters »
    Tulsa HR 2
    Petroliana »
    Eugene HR 2
    WWI Uniforms »
    Eugene HR 3
    Antique Wine Glasses »
    Pittsburgh HR 1
    Warhol Illustration Art »
    Pittsburgh HR 2
    Steel Jewelry »
    Pittsburgh HR 3
    Marinot Glass »
    El Paso HR 1
    Casas Grandes Pottery »
    El Paso HR 2
    "Mississippi" Rifles »
    El Paso HR 3
    Vintage Spurs »
    Atlanta HR 1
    Palissy Ware »
    Minneapolis HR 1
    Antique Mora Tall Case Clocks »
    Minneapolis HR 2
    Disney Propaganda »
    Minneapolis HR 3
    Antique Flashlights »

    Tulsa, Hour 1 | Episode 1601

    Wild West Posters:
    Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum

    Tulsa, Hour 2 | Episode 1602

    Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

    Precision Fitting & Gauge

    Tulsa, Hour 3 | Episode 1603

    Industrial Design Objects:
    Philbrook Museum of Art

    Eugene, Hour 1 | Episode 1604

    Antique Fishing Tackle:
    Eagle Rock Lodge

    Dan & Kelly Brock

    Eugene, Hour 2 | Episode 1605

    World War I Insignia & Patches:
    Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill

    Eugene, Hour 3 | Episode 1606

    Antique Wine Glasses:
    King Estate Winery

    Pittsburgh, Hour 1 | Episode 1607

    Andy Warhol Illustrations:
    The Andy Warhol Museum

    Pittsburgh, Hour 2 | Episode 1608

    Antique Steel Jewelry:
    Rivers of Steel National Heritage Center

    United States Steel Corporation

    Pittsburgh, Hour 3 | Episode 1609

    Maurice Marinot Glass:
    Carnegie Museum of Art

    El Paso, Hour 1 | Episode 1610

    Casas Grandes Pottery:
    Centennial Museum & Gardens, University of El Paso

    El Paso Museum of Archeology

    Amerind Foundation, Inc.

    El Paso, Hour 2 | Episode 1611

    "Mississippi" Rifles:
    Old Fort Bliss Museum

    El Paso, Hour 3 | Episode 1612

    Vintage Spurs:
    Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch

    Atlanta, Hour 1 | Episode 1613

    Palissy Ware:
    Georgia Aquarium

    Atlanta, Hour 2 | Episode 1614

    Roadshow's Most Wanted:
    Norman Rockwell Coca-Cola Illustrations
    World of Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola Company

    Atlanta, Hour 3 | Episode 1615

    George N. Barnard Photographs:
    George Whiteley

    Minneapolis, Hour 1 | Episode 1616

    Antique Mora Clocks:
    The American Swedish Institute

    Minneapolis, Hour 2 | Episode 1617

    World War II Cartoons:
    Commemorative Air Force, Minnesota Wing

    Sam Grabarski

    Minneapolis, Hour 3 | Episode 1618

    Vintage Flashlights:
    Wabasha Street Caves

    Flashlight Museum

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