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    Field Trips

    Information about the experts and resources featured in ROADSHOW's "field trip" segments.

    Field Trip Videos
    Corpus Christi HR 1
    Nautical Instruments »
    Corpus Christi HR 2
    Vintage Tattoo Flash Art »
    Corpus Christi HR 3
    Antique Mourning Jewelry »
    Boston HR 3
    Beauport »
    Myrtle Beach HR 1
    Brookgreen Gardens »
    Myrtle Beach HR 2
    Hobcaw Barony »
    Myrtle Beach HR 3
    Blockade Rifle »
    Cincinnati HR 1
    American Sign Museum »
    Rapid City HR 2
    Antique Motorcycle Toys »
    Rapid City HR 3
    19th-Century Sioux Artifacts »
    Seattle HR 1
    Jimi Hendrix Fashion »
    Seattle HR 2
    World's Fair Posters »
    Seattle HR 3
    Northwest Coast Masks »

    Corpus Christi, Hour 1 | Episode 1701

    Antique Nautical Instruments:
    Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

    Harrison's Landing

    National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors

    Corpus Christi, Hour 2 | Episode 1702

    Tattoo Flash Art:
    Pinnacle Tattoo

    Corpus Christi, Hour 3 | Episode 1703

    Victorian Mourning Jewelry:
    Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation

    Boston, Hour 1 | Episode 1704

    Paul Revere Boston Massacre Print:
    The Bostonian Society

    City of Boston

    Boston, Hour 2 | Episode 1705

    Make Way for Ducklings:
    Boston Public Library

    City of Boston

    Boston, Hour 3 | Episode 1706

    American Folk Art:
    Historic New England

    Myrtle Beach, Hour 1 | Episode 1707

    20th Century Women Sculptors:
    Brookgreen Gardens

    Myrtle Beach, Hour 2 | Episode 1708

    Stolen Artworks from Hobcaw Barony:
    Hobcaw Barony


    Georgetown County Sheriff

    Myrtle Beach, Hour 3 | Episode 1709

    Confederate Blockade Rifle:
    Brookgreen Gardens

    Cincinnati, Hour 1 | Episode 1710

    Vintage Electric Signs:
    The American Sign Museum

    Cincinnati, Hour 3 | Episode 1712

    The Rhino Crisis & The Antiques Market:
    The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    Rapid City, Hour 1 | Episode 1713

    Presidential Prints:
    Mount Rushmore National Memorial

    Rapid City, Hour 2 | Episode 1714

    Antique Toy Motorcycles:
    Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame

    Rapid City, Hour 3 | Episode 1715

    19th-Century Sioux Artifacts:
    Custer State Park

    Seattle, Hour 1 | Episode 1716

    Jimi Hendrix Fashion:
    EMP Museum

    Seattle, Hour 2 | Episode 1717

    World's Fair Posters:
    Space Needle

    Washington State Historical Society

    Seattle, Hour 3 | Episode 1718

    Northwest Coast Masks:
    The Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture

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