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    On Tour | 2013

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s Top Yard Sale Finds

    • Susan Frackelton Art Pottery
      Susan Frackelton Art Pottery

      At a ROADSHOW stop in Portland, Oregon, in 2004, we met a true yard sale treasure hunter. The guest was a garage sale aficionado going to sales almost every week. She brought in a piece of pottery she'd purchased for between one and five dollars. Appraiser David Rago appraised the piece at $13,000 and $17,000.

      Watch the appraisal
    • Tiffany Studios Peacock Mirror
      Tiffany Studios Peacock Mirror, ca. 1905

      At a ROADSHOW stop in Phoenix in 2009, a guest brought in a mirror she'd purchased just two weeks before for two dollars. The guest was delighted to find out that her yard sale find was a peacock mirror made by Tiffany Studios. Appraiser Arlie Sulka gave the piece a retail value of $25,000.

      Watch the appraisal
    • John Kensett Paintings
      19th-Centiry John F. Kensett Paintings

      At a ROADSHOW stop in Philadelphia in 2006, a guest brought in a pair of paintings purchased for $35 at a yard sale. These beautiful small landscape paintings were appraised by David McCarron at the ROADSHOW event for $60,000 to $100,000 for the pair.

      Watch the appraisal
    • 19th Century Folk Art Jug
      19th-Century Folk Art Jug

      At a ROADSHOW stop in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1998, appraiser Stephen Fletcher took a look at a large jug purchased at a yard sale that he instantly deemed “extraordinary.” The owner purchased the jug along with another piece of pottery and paid $50 for the pair. Fletcher appraised the 19th-century folk art jug in the area of $30,000 to $50,000 or more. This yard sale find has an updated 2012 value of $100,000 to $150,000.

      Watch the appraisal
    • Seymour Card Table, ca. 1794
      Seymour Card Table, ca. 1794

      At the ROADSHOW stop in Secaucus, New Jersey, in 1997, experts Leigh and Leslie Keno appraised a modest-looking card table purchased at a garage sale for $25, estimating its value at $200,000 to $250,000. The rare, 18th-century piece — at that point the most valuable item ever appraised at an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event — later sold at auction for over half a million dollars.

      Watch the appraisal

      The table goes to auction at Sotheby's! Find out the hammer value.
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