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    Follow the Stories | Eugene, OR (2012)

    Rockwell's Collier's Covers

    • owner with Rockwell painting
      Randy with His Rockwell
      A guest named Randy, from Springfield, Oregon, brought in this painting by Norman Rockwell, titled "The Little Model," which he told appraiser Nan Chisholm had been in his family for over 90 years, since Rockwell gave it to Randy's great-grandmother, who was Rockwell's aunt. Chisholm put a hefty current value of $500,000 on the painting. What follows are all four illustrations that Rockwell created for Collier's magazine covers in 1919.

    • The Little Model
      The Little Model
      "The Little Model" was featured on the March 29, 1919, cover of Collier's magazine.

    • War Hero Job Hunting
      War Hero Job Hunting
      The March 1, 1919, cover featured a Rockwell illustration called "War Hero Job Hunting."

    • The Tagalong
      The Tagalong
      "The Tagalong," Collier's, April 19, 1919

    • Baseball Player
      Baseball Player
      "Baseball Player," Collier's, June 28, 1919. According to the website "Best Norman Rockwell Art", Rockwell far preferred illustrating for The Saturday Evening Post, for which he is also better known, having created over 300 illustrations.

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