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    On Tour | 2013

    Behind the Scenes: The "Golden Ticket" Sweepstakes

    • ROADSHOW Reaches a Higher Altitude
      A Golden Opportunity

      It was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a VIP trip for two to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's 2013 production event in Richmond, Virginia. Handed a "golden ticket" at the door, the winner, Anna Hughes of Methuen, MA, and her guest were led about the Richmond Convention Center hall to get a firsthand, behind-the-scenes experience on the busy set. Upon learning that she had won the 2013 Sweepstakes, Anna "searched closets, drawers, and the attic for things [we] might want to bring."

      (Photo: © Jeff Dunn)

    • The Trylon
      Around the ROADSHOW World in Four Hours

      In a whirlwind day, Anna witnessed the appraisals and got to see the TV filming coordination up close. Also checked off the list was meeting some of her favorite appraisers, "including the witty and interesting Nicholas Lowry (and he was wearing one of his signature suits)," Anna recounts, "and history buff Wes Cowan."

      In this photo (left to right): Appraiser Wes Cowan, Anna's guest, Sweepstakes Winner Anna Hughes, appraiser Nicholas Lowry

      (Photo: © Jeff Dunn)

    • The Perisphere
      Getting Ready for the Appraisal

      What golden ticket experience would be complete without a filmed appraisal? Anna brought in a couple of cherished items, one of which was selected by a producer to be appraised and filmed for a web-exclusive video. Just before sharing lunch with ROADSHOW staff and volunteers, Anna works with a staff member to prep her treasure for its closeup.

      (Photo: © Jeff Dunn)

    • The Parachute Jump
      The Shoot: Get A Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes

      Collectibles expert Kathleen Guzman appraised Anna's object, an antique Santa Claus ornament from Germany, on the web set. "Kathleen Guzman," Anna recalls, "remarked that our 100-year-old Santa may not be worth a lot, but [it] is well-loved." The object was given a retail value of $50-$75, although similar ornaments in perfect condition can be worth as much as $500.

      (Photo: © Jeff Dunn)

    • Poster, Print, Promo
      Memories to Last Forever

      "We also got to chat with [ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Host] Mark Walberg in between his numerous film sessions," Anna says. Having her tour around the set, Anna saw a plethora of odds and ends that satisfied her sweet tooth for history. "I couldn't believe what some folks were able to carry in…this winner came back from Richmond with sweet memories that will not melt away."

      (Photo: © Jeff Dunn)

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