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    The Law of Antiquities

    Los Angeles, California (2006)

    Legal to own? Legal to buy? Legal to sell? But what about the ethics? More on the law governing American antiquities

    Arms & Militaria:

    Archive of C.E. Minor, African American Sailor

    Hartford, Connecticut (2009)

    See photos from a remarkable archive documenting the life of a remarkable man.

    Deciphering Civil War Belt Buckles

    Louisville, Kentucky (2008)

    Is it real, fake, or just a reproduction? Get a grip on collecting these fascinating fasteners.

    Translation, Please ...

    Tampa, Florida (2006)

    Ever since she was a girl, the owner of a highly embellished 18th-century pistol wondered what the Arabic engraving on it means

    "American Indian" or "Native American"?

    Bismarck, North Dakota (2006)

    Is one more correct than the other ... and why?

    So, Whose Pistol Is It?

    Honolulu, Hawaii (2007)

    In the early 20th century, this Merwin-Hulbert revolver was evidence in a Wisconsin murder trial. Now, the judge's grandson owns it. Find out why

    Armed With a Colt Letter ...

    Mobile, Alabama (2007)

    What does it mean to "letter" a gun? Arms expert Chris Mitchell explains

    What's the Deal with Confederate Flags?

    Salt Lake City, Utah (2007)

    Why there are so many different kinds

    Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and the KKK

    Palm Springs, California (2009)

    More on one of the most famous and controversial figures to emerge from the American Civil War

    The Spencer-Hitchcock Carver

    Savannah, Georgia (2004)

    Who was the "Spencer-Hitchcock carver"?

    Asian Arts:

    Owning Animal-Derived Objects

    Tulsa, Oklahoma (2012)

    Learn more about the regulations governing the owning and trading of antique objects that come from animals.

    Buddhist Deities: A Primer

    Grand Rapids, Michigan (2009)

    Asian-arts expert Lark Mason overviews an expansive topic.

    Owning Ivory: An Overview

    Chattanooga, Tennessee (2009)

    A brief guide to the complicated subject of importing, owning, and selling elephant ivory

    How to Date an Old Horse ...

    San Antonio, Texas (2008)

    What's a thermoluminescence test, and how is it used to authenticate ancient pottery?

    What Was the Boxer Rebellion?

    Omaha, Nebraska (2005)

    Learn more about this traumatic upheaval in the history of modern China

    Cloisonné (What's That You Say?)

    Tucson, Arizona (2007)

    More on this beautiful but little-known art form

    Books & Manuscripts:

    U.S. Secret Service Archive

    Palm Springs, California (2009)

    An up-close look at an archive of Secret Service materials, ca. 1900.

    Autographs of Aviation Celebrities

    Spokane, Washington (2008)

    Land a closer look at the autographs ...

    Dakota, Lakota, Nakota: Languages of the Sioux

    Bismarck, North Dakota (2006)

    More on the languages of the American Plains Indians

    Standing Up to the Academy

    Bismarck, North Dakota (2006)

    Why did Dudley Nichols turn down his Oscar in 1936 ... only to accept it after all?

    Tate Gallery Archive

    Honolulu, Hawaii (2007)

    An up-close look at more treasures from this Tate family archive

    Eleanor Roosevelt Archive

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2007)

    An up-close look at mementos collected by Mrs. Mabel W. Webster, Eleanor Roosevelt's personal maid during her time as First Lady

    Rare Portraits Survive Museum Blaze (In a Way)

    Mobile, Alabama (2007)

    How a 19th-century bureaucrat's bungling plan to get rich preserved hundreds of Indian portraits whose originals were lost to fire

    Early Mormon History Explained

    Salt Lake City, Utah (2007)

    An overview of how the Mormon Church was founded, and what led it to the "New Zion" of Salt Lake City

    Kennedy & Johnson Archive

    Orlando, Florida (2008)

    See more letters and photos from the collection of President John F. Kennedy's White House photographer, Cecil Stoughton

    Abraham Lincoln Letters & Signed Photograph

    Spokane, Washington (2008)

    An up-close look at a signed portrait of the president, plus two intriguing letters to a general in the field.

    MLK's Take on "Tricky Dick"

    Washington, DC (2011)

    An in-depth look at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mixed message about "Tricky Dick."

    Clocks & Watches:

    All in Good Time

    Reno, Nevada (2005)

    A closer look reveals these antique watch parts are true treasures

    What Makes This Clock Tick?

    Providence, Rhode Island (2006)

    Appraiser John Delaney unwinds with the Providence Globe clock


    Oh, the Places They'll Go

    Junk in the Trunk (2011)

    Lured by the high demand for Seussiana, forgers find it irresistible to try fobbing faux works off on the public.

    Frank Sinatra Signed Letter

    Madison, Wisconsin (2010)

    Read Sinatra’s tough-guy letter to columnist Mike Royko

    1948 Harry S. Truman "8-Ball" Statuette

    Chattanooga, Tennessee (2009)

    See photos of President Truman receiving his "8-Ball" award from the L.A. Press Club.

    Classic Movie Stills

    Chattanooga, Tennessee (2009)

    An up-close look at lobby stills from Hollywood's Golden Era and beyond.

    Will Rogers & Wiley Post Memorabilia

    Palm Springs, California (2009)

    An in-depth look at a poignant collection of autographs and photos related to the death of two American icons.

    Buddy Holly and The Crickets Collection

    San Antonio, Texas (2008)

    An up-close look at memorabilia from the short but legendary career of rock-and-roll pioneers Buddy Holly and The Crickets

    Calling All Elvis Fans! ... Got This Photo?

    Memphis, Tennessee (2005)

    If you have a photo of The King wearing this sparkly suit, Roadshow wants to hear from you!

    Space "Junk": Buying, Owning, and the Law

    Houston, Texas (2006)

    Interested in launching a collection of out-of-this-world souvenirs? Here's what you need to know

    Is This the Real Rudolph?

    Providence, Rhode Island (2006)

    Ho-Ho-Hold on a minute! Are these the real Rudolph and Santa puppets from the TV Christmas classic?

    The Great Deflate

    Dallas, Texas (2009)

    In the fragile market for political memorabilia, more often equals less.

    To Be Opened, or Not to Be Opened

    Chicago, Illinois (2004)

    What should you do with the food that's in collectible boxes and tins?

    The Beatles' "Butcher" Cover

    Chicago, Illinois (2004)

    Beatle-mania strikes again!

    Bill Graham: Promoting Rock and Roll

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2004)

    Legendary impresario of rock-and-roll, and master propagandist of the 1960s psychedelic art scene.

    The Normandie: A Legend Undiminished

    Savannah, Georgia (2004)

    The Normandie's short life left a giant wake in the history of transatlantic travel.

    Decorative Arts:

    Pietra Dura: "Rock Art"

    Tampa, Florida (2006)

    This stunning work of stone inlay is so intricate, at first the expert mistook it for a painting. More on the history of this impressive technique

    The Washington-Custis Connection

    Mobile, Alabama (2007)

    More on Martha Custis Washington, America's first First Lady


    The Story of the Dionne Quints

    Wichita, Kansas (2009)

    The dolls sure are cute, but the Dionne quints' real-life story is a tragic one.

    Folk Art:

    Bellamy Eagles: When Values Soar

    Providence, Rhode Island (2006)

    In 2005 this carved eagle plaque was appraised for roughly $40,000. Now it's probably worth over $100,000. What happened?

    Unraveling a Needlework Mystery

    San Antonio, Texas (2008)

    Following the "thread" of Elizabeth Ann Pitman's Rhode Island sampler.

    Who Painted This Adorable Baby?

    Spokane, Washington (2008)

    Learn more about Mrs. Moses B. Russell, miniature portrait painter extraordinaire.

    Dancing for Eels Explained

    Washington, DC (2011)

    The story behind this intriguing 19th-century folk art oil painting of African Americans literally dancing for eels.


    The Honey Fitz

    Biloxi, Mississippi (2011)

    More on the presidential yacht that became a favorite escape of JFK and served as a backdrop for some of the most iconic images of his presidency.

    Sketch of Frenchman's Cove Table by George Nakashima

    Hartford, Connecticut (2009)

    An up-close look at a table personally designed by George Nakashima in 1967.

    Elk Antler ... and a Little Bit of Moose

    Omaha, Nebraska (2005)

    Come to find out, that peculiar chair in Omaha was made of more than just one kind of antler

    A True Roux?

    Reno, Nevada (2005)

    Was the $50,000 sideboard that Brian Witherell saw in Reno really made by cabinetmaker Alexander Roux?

    Getting Your Furniture on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW

    Providence, Rhode Island (2006)

    Curious about how big fancy furniture finds its way to the Roadshow? Read on

    A Cabinet Full of Eggs?

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2007)

    How does a 19th-century egg collection affect the value of an 18th-century spice cabinet?

    Honestly Abe's Chairs?

    Mobile, Alabama (2007)

    Did this set of dining chairs come from the Lincoln White House?

    A Match Made in Heaven (Or at Least New York)

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2007)

    Did subsequent testing tell a different story about "marriage"?

    Aesthetic Movement: A Break with the Past

    Chicago, Illinois & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2004)

    Like most transitional periods in art, the Aesthetic Movement was frenetic and short-lived — but important.

    George Nakashima: Spiritual Woodworker

    San Francisco, California (2004)

    In his furniture, woodworker George Nakashima was inspired by the inherent beauty of trees.


    What "Patina" Really Means

    Las Vegas, Nevada (2008)

    Understanding the ins and outs of this important antique term.

    Worth More Broken?

    Memphis, Tennessee (2005)

    Chips happen. But should you try to repair minor damage to your precious glassware?


    Mark Twain's "Aquarium"

    Baltimore, Maryland (2008)

    A closer look at Twain's intriguing "angel-fish" club — a group he formed to raise his spirits while encouraging young women in their artistic interests.

    Seed Pearl Jewelry

    Tampa, Florida (2006)

    Jewelry appraiser Jeanenne Bell explains "seed pearls"

    Metalwork & Sculpture:

    Currently there are no Follow the Stories articles available in this category.

    Musical Instruments:

    Breaking Down Your Fender (Don't Try This at Home)

    Bismarck, North Dakota (2006)

    Is it really okay to take the neck off your Fender guitar?

    Paintings & Drawings:

    The Legend of Zelda (Sayre Fitzgerald)

    El Paso, Texas (2012)

    More on the creative yet troubled Jazz Age life of Zelda Fitzgerald.

    Who Can Authenticate a Warhol?

    El Paso, Texas (2012)

    Two guests appeared at the summer 2011 El Paso ROADSHOW with works by Andy Warhol. How did the appraisers authenticate them?

    Who Was "FVO"?

    Atlantic City, New Jersey (2010)

    Paintings expert Alan Fausel answers an Old Master mystery.

    Slideshow: What Was Behind the Wyeth Watercolor?

    Raleigh, North Carolina (2010)

    Check out what the owner found when he took the cover off the back of "The Trammel"

    Hopkins Watercolor: Was the Guest Right?

    Portland, Oregon (2005)

    Paintings appraiser Karen Keane follows up on the origins of a beautiful family portrait

    "So Is It a Buttersworth?" (Actually, No.)

    Tampa, Florida (2006)

    After further research, a handsome marine painting initially attributed to 19th-century artist James E. Buttersworth is found instead to be the work of Antonio Jacobsen

    A Real Andy Warhol?

    Honolulu, Hawaii (2007)

    Are butterflies hand-drawn on a dinner napkin really the work of Andy Warhol? The verdict is in ...

    A Lost Little Picasso

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2007)

    Did the owner of a very special misplaced envelope ever find it?

    Inside "Outsider Art"

    Tucson, Arizona (2007)

    In Tucson, appraisers saw three pieces of "Outsider Art" — but what is that?

    A Man and His Mural

    Baltimore, Maryland (2008)

    A closer look at Thomas Hart Benton's grand but controversial 1933 mural, "Parks, the Circus, the Klan, the Press."

    Protecting Your Art from Thieves

    Palm Springs, California (2009)

    Tips on protecting your precious works of art.

    "Weeks work" pays off!

    Washington, DC (2011)

    An update on the Taj Mahal oil painting attributed to the 19th-century Orientalist painter Edwin Lord Weeks.


    The Purloined Portrait

    Omaha, Nebraska (2005)

    On the trail of a missing Edgar Allan Poe daguerreotype

    What Is Photogravure?

    Memphis, Tennessee (2005)

    Picture this: photography without the darkroom. Step into the light to explore this fascinating photomechanical process

    Who Were the Circus "Freaks"?

    Tampa, Florida (2006)

    Collectors now buy and sell photographs of former sideshow "freaks" — but who were these people?

    Pottery & Porcelain:

    Ordinary Jardinière or Genuine George Ohr?

    Biloxi, Mississippi (2011)

    Is the jardinière this guest brought to Biloxi just another hand-thrown pot or did famed local artist, George Ohr, have a hand in its making?

    The Tafoyas: Legends of Pueblo Pottery

    St. Paul, Minnesota (2005)

    More on this well-known family of potters

    What's the Value of Research?

    St. Paul, Minnesota (2005)

    A stoneware expert goes to extra lengths in an effort to learn the origins of a newly discovered jug

    How Much to Buy "Spring"?

    Portland, Oregon (2005)

    Young Zack learns about his family's set of figurines with the help of appraiser Nick Dawes. Now if only Zack can track down Spring ...

    What's the Word: Garniture?

    Houston, Texas (2006)

    Appraiser David Lackey spotted a ceramic "garniture" at the 2005 Houston Roadshow — but what is that?

    Next of Kiln: The Overbeck Sisters

    Houston, Texas (2006)

    The story of a group of sisters who were married to their art

    Firing Miss Daisy: What Happened at Wedgwood?

    Houston, Texas (2006)

    Daisy Makeig-Jones, designer of Wedgwood's famed Fairyland Lustre Pottery, was sacked in 1932, because "she got a bit out of hand." But what really happened?

    Newcomb Pottery: Cream of the Crop

    Savannah, Georgia (2004)

    Is Newcomb Pottery still a good investment?

    Prints & Posters:

    Jules Chéret: Elevating Ads to an Art Form

    St. Paul, Minnesota (2005)

    More on the "father of modern posters"

    Who Were the Prairie Print Makers?

    Portland, Oregon (2005)

    More on this diverse school of artists who prided themselves on making affordable art for ordinary people

    WPA: Putting Art to Work

    Houston, Texas (2006)

    How Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal project put artists to work creating millions of posters

    Finding a One-of-a-Kind Map

    Tucson, Arizona (2007)

    Appraiser Christopher Lane knew he'd found a rare map in Tucson, but thorough research revealed it to be rarer still

    Who Was Harry Bridges?

    San Francisco, California (2004)

    An icon of the 20th-century organized labor movement, Bridges united longshoremen and other workers of the American West Coast and beyond.

    Rugs & Textiles:

    Currently there are no Follow the Stories articles available in this category.

    Science & Technology:

    Currently there are no Follow the Stories articles available in this category.


    Medieval, Renaissance, or a Later Replica?

    San Antonio, Texas (2008)

    Is this statue a 15th-century original? The answer to that question could be worth about $100,000.

    Sports Memorabilia:

    An 1859 Baseball: What Do the Numbers Mean?

    Miami Beach, Florida (2011)

    Further research revealed the answer.

    1885 Chicago White Stockings

    Baltimore, Maryland (2008)

    "Cap" Anson, Billy Sunday, Michael "King" Kelly ... some of the very first baseball legends, and they're all here. Check out this slideshow of a rare souvenir program from Opening Day 1885.

    The Mystery of the Baseball Cufflink

    Omaha, Nebraska (2005)

    Tracking down the origins of a lone dated cufflink from an obscure corner of baseball history — and its connection to the sad story of shortstop Ray Chapman

    The Original Dream Team

    Tucson, Arizona (2007)

    Memorabilia from the USA's 1956 Olympic championship basketball team

    Tools & Implements:

    Currently there are no Follow the Stories articles available in this category.

    Toys & Games:

    The "Stump Speaker" Bank

    San Jose, Calfornia (2010)

    What this bank tells us about American racial politics of the late 1800s.

    "Only Angels Have Wings": A Model Performance

    Las Vegas, Nevada (2008)

    Watch this model's Hollywood debut in the 1939 classic "Only Angels Have Wings"!

    Who Is Hiller?

    Honolulu, Hawaii (2007)

    More on the maker of a toy ray gun that turned up in Honolulu

    Tribal Art:

    Washoe Baskets: Weaving a Tale of Great Value

    San Jose, Calfornia (2010)

    More research reveals these baskets are even more valuable than first thought!

    Shaman Spirit Mask, ca. 1900

    Madison, Wisconsin (2010)

    Find out what the experts concluded after further research.

    Was There Head-Shrinking in Fiji?

    Chattanooga, Tennessee (2009)

    Tribal art expert John Buxton clarifies an issue raised on-air in Chattanooga

    Counting Coups (Counting What?)

    Bismarck, North Dakota (2006)

    More on this battle practice of the Plains Indian warriors

    Geronimo: Beyond the Name

    San Antonio, Texas (2008)

    Geronimo's name lives on in the folklore of the West. But who was he really?

    Lakota Dictionary

    Tampa, Florida (2006)

    This was the first book in Wyoming ... but how do we know?

    Nampeyo: Grande Dame of Hopi Pottery

    Louisville, Kentucky (2008)

    Was this beautiful $3 pot made by a famous Hopi potter?

    Navajo Chief's Blankets: Three Phases

    Tucson, Arizona (2007)

    Evolutions in the style of chief's blankets through the 19th century

    Buying and Selling Native Artifacts

    Chicago, Illinois (2004)

    For collectors interested in Native American artifacts, there are few important guidelines to bear in mind.

    Collecting Kachina Dolls

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2004)

    One of the most popular Native American crafts on the market today.