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    Web Exclusive | 2013

    ROADSHOW's Manor House Collection

    • ROADSHOW's Manor House Marvels
      ROADSHOW's Manor House Marvels

      When fine fixtures of British aristocratic décor find their ways to homes in the United States, they occasionally end up at the appraisal tables of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW! Whet your appetite for your favorite period dramas with this jewel box of a collection featuring some of ROADSHOW's favorite Jazz Age finds!
    • Art Deco Jewelry, ca. 1920
      Art Deco Jewelry, ca. 1920

      At the 2006 ROADSHOW event in Honolulu, Peter Shemonsky appraised this collection of fine Art Deco jewelry from the 1920s. The owner had inherited the diamonds, sapphire, and pearls from her great-aunt who moved in "high society circles in New York." Shemonsky appraised the collection for $145,000 to $197,000. Can you guess which object from the group was worth the most?

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    • Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, ca. 1915
      Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, ca. 1915

      When the owner of this iconic Louis Vuitton steamer trunk was growing up, her parents were caretakers at the estate of a wealthy family who took the trunk on their global travels. She brought the trunk to the Eugene, Oregon, ROADSHOW appraisal event in 2011, where Brian Witherell appraised the piece for $3,000 to $5,000. "They are being repurposed today, so they appeal to a very young collector," Witherell said, "and people put them in their house for coffee tables, and almost as a status symbol and a piece of sculpture and a work of art."

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    • 19th-Century Monumental Japanese Vase
      19th-Century Monumental Japanese Vase

      There's more to the story and style of this large vase than meets the eye. When Lark Mason appraised the Japanese hand-painted porcelain for $6,000 to $8,000 in Tucson, Arizona, in 2006, he pointed out that their inspiration comes from the Chinese vases that were displayed in the homes of European nobility in the 18th century. This particular vase, however, was created in the 19th century by the Japanese, but still boasts fine craftsmanship and represents the goal of capturing "the public's imagination and to show the skill and incredible fine-quality workmanship of the Japanese artisans," Mason said.

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    • English Silver Hunting Trophy
      English Silver Hunting Trophy

      This detailed silver tankard was presented to its owner's great-great-great-grandfather as a token of his British coursing club's appreciation for his work as a judge and secretary. At the 2010 ROADSHOW event in Billings, Montana, Ronald Bourgeault appraised the hunting-themed trophy for $3,000 to $5,000. Check out some hints for keeping your silver in tip-top shape!

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    • Diamond & Ruby Lorgnette, ca. 1910
      Diamond & Ruby Lorgnette, ca. 1910

      This fashionable and precious lorgnette, an eyewear jewelry piece used more as an accessory than a visual aid, was appraised by Joyce Jonas at the 2007 ROADSHOW appraisal event in San Antonio, Texas. Originating from 1910, its allure persists over 100 years later. "This particular lorgnette is probably one of the prettiest that I've seen," Jonas said, giving the item an appraisal value of $10,000.

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    • Tiffany & Company Ceylon Star Sapphire Diamond Ring, ca. 1922
      Tiffany & Company Ceylon Star Sapphire Diamond Ring, ca. 1922

      At 25 karats and with a namesake star effect, the sapphire in this Tiffany & Company ring, ca. 1922, has lasting glamour and elegance. But this ring, found at the Hartford, Connecticut, event in 2008, has a twist to its tale! When jewelry expert Berj Zavian took a look at the piece, he unveiled a personal connection, giving this guest an experience even more special than finding out the ring was worth $25,000 to $35,000.

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    • Sequin Flapper Dress & Lamé Coat, ca. 1925
      Sequin Flapper Dress & Lamé Coat, ca. 1925

      Almost twirling off their forms, this dress and coat combination seeks an Art Deco soiree. Inherited from her fashionable grandmother who lived in 1920s New York, the owner of these two garments learned from expert Steven Porterfield at the 2010 Billings, Montana, event that they were worth $3,000 to $3,700. Now that's something to dance about!

      Interested in collecting vintage clothing? Here are some tips from our experts!

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