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    Follow the Stories | Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2007)

    Movie Posters or Propaganda?

    • Western Union envelope
      Roadshow guest Karen from Milwaukee brought in a vibrant collection of posters that her father brought back from a stint in post-war Japan in the late 1940s. Some of the posters advertise Japanese films and actors of the period, while others are pure propaganda.

    • The cover of the program
      Japan invaded the Philippines in December 1941, shortly after attacking Pearl Harbor, and occupied the island nation throughout the war. Most of these posters were produced around 1943 in attempt to propagandize Filipinos against the U.S. Perhaps as a sort of cautionary message, this poster refers to the U.S. bombing of Rome during the war, and depicts Henry L. Stimson, the American Secretary of War at the time.

    • photograph of the park
      Most of the movie posters, such as this one promoting "Road of the Nations," mix in a stirring slogan to drive home their point.
    •  the 1885 White Stockings
      For the most part, the posters refer to actors and films that are now entirely obscure.

    • 1885 season schedule
      The poster advertising "Men of the Border: A Mighty Saga of Frontier Action" also exhorts "Plant to Survive!".

    • W.A. Sunday
      This one reads "Freedom This Year Is Freedom Forever," followed by the movie title and description: "On to Singapore: A Gripping Epic of a Land Battle! A Fierce and Bloody Struggle between Two Great Armies! Definitely not a Newsreel Film!"

    • Other White Stockings notables
      Lowry said Karen had done a nice job of preserving her posters, the likes of which he said he'd never encountered before. Adding that there would be many collectors attracted both by the posters' visual appeal as well as their rarity, he estimated their value at about $400 apiece.

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