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    Follow the Stories | Myrtle Beach (2013)

    March of Dimes Supporters

    • Mary
      Mary's March of Dimes

      As the March of Dimes' 1955 national poster child, Mary criss-crossed the country to meet with famous politicians, athletes, and celebrities to help promote the work of the foundation — experiences she recounted during her on-air appraisal in Myrtle Beach last summer. Her tenure as poster child was also significant in that 1955 was the year that saw the landmark release of the Salk vaccine. A foundation with a proud history of public education and research to help fight polio, the March of Dimes celebrated its 75th Anniversary on January 30, 2013.

    • An Elvis Signature
      An Elvis Signature

      Mary said that getting to travel widely and meet so many people were wonderful opportunities for her and her mother. She particularly treasures the autograph books from her year as poster child, which collectibles expert Mike Gutierrez estimated have a retail value of $4,000 to $5,000, with the Elvis Presley signature holding the most appeal. "It's a lovely group of memories," Mary says.

    • Mary Meets the President
      Mary Meets the President

      In addition to meeting entertainment celebrities, Mary had the honor of meeting President Dwight Eisenhower, a moment captured in this image. When asked what it had been like to meet the president as a little girl, she recalled that "there was a crowd full of men in coats. And I said, 'Okay, which one's the president?'"

    • The Princess of Monaco
      The Princess of Monaco

      Grace Kelly, Academy Award-winning American actress, fashion icon, and soon-to-be Princess of Monaco. Today, the March of Dimes continues to honor celebrity parent volunteers with its annual Grace Kelly Award.

      (Photo credit: March of Dimes)

    • A Photo of the Founder
      A Photo of the Founder

      In this photo, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, founder of the March of Dimes, celebrates his 51st birthday on January 30, 1933, after winning his first Presidential campaign. Birthday Balls in his honor became traditional fundraisers to help fight polio.

      (Photo credit: March of Dimes)

    • Polio Pioneers
      Polio Pioneers

      In 1954, 1.8 million schoolchildren participated in the Salk polio vaccine field trials. These children, known as Polio Pioneers, were the first to be immunized with Dr. Salk's polio vaccine, provided by a March of Dimes-sponsored program.

      (Photo credit: March of Dimes)

    • Elvis Gets the Polio Vaccine
      Elvis Gets the Polio Vaccine

      The "King of Rock-n-Roll," Elvis Presley, receives the Salk polio vaccine with Dr. Harold Fuerst and Dr. Leona Baumgartner, 1956. Elvis, along with other celebrities who raised awareness about the importance of being vaccinated, helped bring an end to the epidemic of polio in the United States.

      (Photo credit: March of Dimes)

    • Marilyn Monroe
      Marilyn Monroe

      One of Hollywood's most famous film stars, Marilyn Monroe, with March of Dimes poster children Linda and Sandra Solomon at the annual March of Dimes fashion show, 1958.  Today, March of Dimes events such as the annual New York City Beauty Ball continue to support research and programs to give babies a healthy start in life. For more information on the March of Dimes, visit their website at

      (Photo credit: March of Dimes)

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