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    Follow the Stories | San Antonio, Texas (2008)

    Buddy Holly and The Crickets Collection


    • At the San Antonio ROADSHOW event on July 14, 2008, a guest named Patricia brought in a small collection of Buddy Holly memorabilia she had saved since the late 1950s, when her family was stationed with the U.S. Air Force at RAF Burtonwood, near Liverpool, England. Born Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock, Texas, in 1936, Buddy Holly had a musical career that, sadly, lasted only a few short years, though his influence on pop music continues to this day.

    • One night in 1958 Patricia got to attend a concert in Liverpool featuring Buddy Holly and The Crickets. She and the other American kids who were there got to sit on the stage and afterwards spend time with the band, who handed out these publicity photos signed by all three members: drummer Jerry Allison (top), singer-songwriter Buddy Holly (center), and bassist Joe Mauldin (bottom). Appraiser Mike Gutierrez valued this card alone at $1,500.

    • But the most valuable piece in Patricia's collection is this oversized souvenir program from the concert. On the back cover (shown) is another autographed band portrait.

    • Several other entertainers also performed that night, but as the program cover makes clear, Buddy Holly and The Crickets were the headliners. For years a rumor has persisted that John Lennon attended the concert that night and was so inspired he decided then and there his band should also be named after a bug. Well that's about half true ... sort of. In fact John Lennon never saw Buddy Holly in concert, but he did claim Holly as an enduring influence on his own music and later said that The Beatles were named partly as an homage to Buddy Holly and The Crickets.

    • Buddy Holly and The Crickets achieved fame quickly in the rock-obsessed U.S. of the mid-1950s. The Liverpool concert program billed them as "The great American Recording Stars."

    • Also appearing in Liverpool along with Buddy Holly and his band that night were (clockwise from top left) saxophonist Ronnie Keene, singing duo The Tanner Sisters, singer Gary Miller (typo and all), and comedian Des O'Connor, who also autographed Patricia's program.

    • The Liverpool concert came hot on the heels of the band's latest releases with the Coral Records label, "Maybe Baby," "Listen to Me," and "I'm Gonna Love You Too."

    • Patricia said that for many years she'd actually forgotten about her souvenir program tucked safely away inside this well-worn cover of "The Buddy Holly Story" album. But boy is she glad she remembered. Buddy Holly's life and career were cut tragically short on February 3, 1959, when he and four others died in a plane crash en route to his next concert.
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