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    Follow the Stories | Washington, DC (2011)

    RFK Letters Up Close


    Posted: 5.27.2011

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    owner with silver box

    Karena holds the silver cigarette case her uncle Rip Horton received as a wedding present in 1963 from the First Couple, with whom he was friends. It is inscribed "MR AND MRS RALPH HORTON JR, GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH, FROM PRESIDENT AND MRS JOHN F KENNEDY, 1963."

    At ROADSHOW's Washington, D.C., event in August of last year, a guest named Karena from Spotsylvania, Virginia, brought in a silver cigarette box engraved as a wedding gift from President and Mrs. Kennedy to her uncle, Ralph "Rip" Horton, who was a friend of the Kennedy brothers. Karena also came with a pair of letters written to Horton by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

    Collectibles expert Kathleen Guzman placed an auction value of $10,000 to $15,000 on the cigarette box as a piece of JFK memorabilia. She said the two brief letters, both written on official Attorney General letterhead but relatively unimportant in subject matter, are less valuable than the silver box. Yet at the same time she noted that the letters are good examples of RFK memorabilia with personal, handwritten signatures rather than autopen. The Attorney General signed both letters "Bob."

    Guzman told Karena she would put a value of $300 to $500 on the 1963 letter, and a higher range of $750 to $1,000 on the shorter 1964 letter because it includes a reference to "Jack."

    Here or at top right you can read both letters for yourself.

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    Luke Crafton is the senior interactive producer for Antiques Roadshow.

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