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    Beware of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Imitators!

    Attending an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event is a unique experience and here's how we keep it that way:

    • You can't buy or sell at an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event. If you are given the opportunity to sell your treasured possessions, then it's not ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.
    • Attending ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is free of charge. If you are asked to pay an entrance fee or a charge for an appraisal, then it's not ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.
    • ANTIQUES ROADSHOW holds events only in the summer (May, June, July and August). Any other time and it's not ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.
    • Only ANTIQUES ROADSHOW events are taped for national broadcast on PBS. If you don't see our set and television cameras, then it's not ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.
    • The producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, WGBH, have the exclusive use of the name ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in North America. Any use of the name ANTIQUES ROADSHOW without permission could be a violation of trademark law.

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at