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    2015 TV Schedule

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    Nov. 9
    8/7C PM
    Tulsa, Hour 3*
    9/8C PM
    Junk in the Trunk 5, Hour 1
    Nov. 16
    8/7C PM
    Eugene, Hour 1*
    9/8C PM
    Junk in the Trunk 5, Hour 2
    Nov. 23
    8/7C PM
    Eugene, Hour 2*
    Nov. 30
    8/7C PM
    Eugene, Hour 3*
    Dec. 7
    8/7C PM
    Pittsburgh, Hour 1*
    9/8C PM
    Junk in the Trunk 4, Hour 1*
    Dec. 14
    8/7C PM
    Junk in the Trunk 4, Hour 2*
    9/8C PM
    Finders Keepers*
    Dec. 21
    8/7C PM
    Junk in the Trunk 2*
    Dec. 28
    8/7C PM
    Junk in the Trunk 3*
    9/8C PM
    Treasures On the Move

    * Encore presentation

    Updated 11.16.2015

    Features From the Show

    Highlight | 1954 Tye of California Ceramic Lamp

    Watch Jason Preston's appraisal of a 1954 Tye of California ceramic lamp.

    Take a look »

    Highlight | Lap Desk with General Artemas Ward Archive

    See Karen Keane's appraisal of a lap desk with a General Artemas Ward archive.

    Check it out »

    Feedback Booth | Junk in the Trunk 5

    Fans recap their experience at the Season 19 Feedback Booth!

    Watch now »

    Field Segment | Antique Fly Fishing Equipment

    ROADSHOW visits the banks of the McKenzie River for a bit of fishing and a look into the antique fly fishing gear market.

    Check it out »

    Highlight | 1904 Van Briggle "Climbing for Honey" Vase

    See David Rago's appraisal of the vase that won the bronze medal at the 1904 St. Louis Expo.

    Watch now »

    Highlight | West Point Archive, ca. 1861

    Check out Martin Gammon's appraisal of a West Point archive, ca. 1861.

    Take a look »

    Highlight | 1919 Rockwell "The Little Model" Oil Painting

    Watch Nan Chisholm's appraisal of the 1919 Rockwell "The Little Model" oil painting.

    Check it out »

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