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    Case No. RMW-005

    Missing Norman Rockwell Coca-Cola Illustrations

    (Episode: Atlanta, Hour 2)


    • `Barefoot Boy` by Norman Rockwell (1934)
      Barefoot Boy by Norman Rockwell (1934)
      Currently in Coca-Cola's possession. On display at The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

    • `Take Me Back to Old Virginny` by Norman Rockwell (ca. 1931)
      Take Me Back to Old Virginny by Norman Rockwell (ca. 1931)
      Currently in Coca-Cola's possession. On display at The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

    • `Boy Fishin'` by Norman Rockwell (1935)
      Boy Fishin' by Norman Rockwell (1935)
      Currently in Coca-Cola's possession. On display at Coca-Cola's corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

    • `Wholesome Refreshment` by Norman Rockwell (1928)
      MISSING: Wholesome Refreshment by Norman Rockwell (1928)
      Created in 1928 for the Saturday Evening Post. In this sepia-toned advertisement, a smiling young man wearing argyle socks and saddle shoes lies on his stomach as he relaxes with a bottle of Coke, and a ball at his side.

    • `Office Boy — 4 p.m. The Pause That Refreshes` by Norman Rockwell (1930)
      MISSING: Office Boy — 4 p.m. The Pause That Refreshes by Norman Rockwell (1930)
      Created in 1930. This image depicts a smiling boy in a suit and tie who is carrying two bottles of Coca-Cola on a tray into the Vice President's office.

    • `The Old Oaken Bucket` by Norman Rockwell (1932)
      MISSING: The Old Oaken Bucket by Norman Rockwell (1932)
      In this picture, a boy sits on the wall of a well holding a small bucket containing Coke bottles.

    Date of Incident 1928 - 1934
    Seeker The Coca-Cola Company
    Location United States
    Missing Three Coca-Cola advertisement paintings by Norman Rockwell.
    Status Ongoing
    Case Summary Starting in the late 1920s through the mid-1930s, Coca-Cola commissioned Norman Rockwell to paint six advertisement illustrations for the company, featuring their iconic green bottles and idyllic all-American imagery. These original illustrations were then reproduced in calendars, billboards, and print publications.Today, three of the six Rockwell illustrations are in Coca-Cola's possession, while the other three are missing, having been lent out for use in publications and never returned.
    Resources Online: The Coca-Cola Company archive web site

    Phone: Coca-Cola Company Archive (404) 676-3491
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