Digital Team

Director of Digital Content

Luke Crafton

Associate Producer

Dylan H. Leavitt

Production Assistant & Video Editor

Clara Yoon

Project Management

Cassie Irwin

Design & Development

Amelia Leason
Bob Donahue
Catherine Maldonado

Interns, Fall 2016

Zachary Schiffman
Zambeta Tsapos

Series Staff

Executive Producer

Marsha Bemko

Sam Farrell Supervising Producer
Sarah K. Elliott Producer
Jeff Cronenberg Series Editor
Kelsey Sousa Editor
Adam Monahan Segment Producer
Jill Giles Line Producer
Luke Crafton Director, Digital Content
Brian Beenders Director, Post Production
Demee Gambulos Account Manager, National Marketing
Christine Larson Production Manager
Schuyler White Business Manager
Allyson Izzo Smith Production Coordinator
Dylan Hayley Leavitt Digital Associate Producer
Clara Yoon Digital Production Assistant
Allison Mulvey Assistant Editor
Hannah Auerbach Account Executive, National Marketing
Matthew Midura Associate Director, Station Relations
Molly Hall Account Coordinator, Station Relations
Julie Reber Director of Client Services, National Corporate Sponsorship
Jennifer Klooster Account Manager, National Corporate Sponsorship
Olivia Lawson Account Coordinator, National Corporate Sponsorship