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    Teacher's Guide:

    About the Roadshow Archive


    Posted: 3.3.2008

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    The ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Web site offers an archive containing appraisals of hundreds of objects that have appeared on the show. This searchable online Roadshow Archive will feature ROADSHOW's existing archive of hundreds of still images, along with streaming video of the individual appraisals (to be rolled out incrementally). Information will be provided about each object's value, genre, age, attribution, historical context, appraiser, and other related details.

    Because the Roadshow Archive allows visitors to search for and find items that are of special interest to them, it is an invaluable resource for teachers, affording easy access to objects of particular relevance to your curriculum. For example, if you are teaching a unit on the Civil War, you can see photos and view video clips of all Roadshow appraisals of Civil War items. Introducing material culture as a learning tool into the classroom will allow you to move beyond more traditional primary-source documents. You, your students, and their families will be able to examine the details of the objects, explore their history, and analyze their value in past and contemporary society.

    You can search the Roadshow Archive in a variety of ways, including by keyword; ANTIQUES ROADSHOW season, episode, city of appraisal, appraiser, year of appraisal, value range; Roadshow category; and an object's name, form (e.g., desk, clothes, sword), material (e.g., wood, cotton, steel), and historical period/style (e.g., Georgian, Art Deco, Baroque).

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