2018 Tour — Online Ticket Application

Apply online for tickets to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's 2018 Tour — now through February 27!

2018 Tour Schedule

ROADSHOW will be visiting these cities this spring:

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 12 — Sarasota, Florida
  • SATURDAY, APRIL 21 — Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • TUESDAY, MAY 22 — Louisville, Kentucky
  • TUESDAY, MAY 29 — San Diego, California
  • THURSDAY, JUNE 14 — Rochester, Michigan

Applying is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Here's how it works:

  1. Submit your ticket application by 11:59PM PT, Tuesday, February 27, 2018.
  2. You'll receive a unique application number via email, which will also include a link you can use to review your ticket application.
  3. If your ZIP code makes you eligible, you can add an online furniture submission to our ticket application at any time before the February 27 deadline (see furniture details below).
  4. On or about March 8, 2018, ticket winners will be selected in a random drawing. All applicants will receive an email in mid-March with a link to our online Ticket Checker, which you can use to find out if you've won tickets.

2018 Furniture Submission Process

Calling all furniture owners! ... Would you like your furniture appraised and featured on the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW set?

In each city on our upcoming tour, we're looking for a few special pieces of furniture to appraise and display on the set. If yours is selected, we'll transport it to the event, and back home again, at no cost to you.

Only ticket applicants who live within a 60-mile radius of the event venue are eligible to submit furniture in advance. The deadline to submit photos for the furniture selection process is 11:59PM PT, Monday, February 27, 2018. Just remember to check the box on the ticket application page and follow the simple instructions if you're eligible.

Tour & Tickets FAQ | Complete Ticket Rules