2017 Tour — Online Ticket Application

Ticketing for Newport, Rhode Island — Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Please note that the Newport ticket application deadline of July 31, 2017, has passed.

Newport Ticket Applicants: To learn if your application was selected in the random drawing, please check back after August 14 to access our Ticket Checker tool.

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ROADSHOW's Furniture Roundup

Please note that the Newport furniture submission deadline of July 31, 2017, has passed.

If your furniture has been selected for the Newport event, we will contact you in mid-August.

Ticket Checker

Our online Ticket Checker tool for applicants to the Newport event on September 19 will be available after August 14.

If you applied in the ticket drawing for one of the first five events in our 2017 Tour and haven't yet found out if you were selected to receive a pair of free tickets, you can use this tool to get your results now!