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    Tips of the Trade

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    Currently there are no Tips of the Trade articles available in this category.

    Arms & Militaria:

    "Pickelhaube" Picks

    Tips for collecting this historic variety of military headgear

    Spotting "Fake" Firearms

    Those who venture into the antique firearms market have to watch out for fakes. Here's how to avoid an ambush

    Asian Arts:

    "Cintamani" and Islamic Tiles

    Learn more about these beautiful tiles with variations to suit a range of tastes and pocketbooks

    Discovering Chinese Woodcarvings

    These lovingly crafted artifacts are often overlooked by dealers and collectors; that means they're affordable if you're willing to hunt

    Books & Manuscripts:

    Collecting Mistaken Maps

    California an island? Find an old map that says so and it could be worth a boatload of money

    Preserving Antique Books

    Does the time-honored practice of oiling leather books help preserve them — or do them harm?

    Sentimental Favorites, Roadshow Flops

    Many of America's most cherished antique keepsakes have precious little market value. Fnd out why ...

    Searching Out Maps

    Learn how to start a collection of inexpensive maps

    Clocks & Watches:

    Currently there are no Tips of the Trade articles available in this category.


    Ornaments of Christmas Past

    Antique and collectible Christmas ornaments can rekindle the feelings of Christmas — at a range of prices.

    African Americana

    More on African Americana, also known as black memorabilia

    An Audience With "The King"

    Elvis pays a surprise "visit" to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW to learn about his own memorabilia and collectibles

    Corn Collectibles

    Everything you need to know about corn-inspired collectibles

    Cornucopia of Crate Labels

    Collecting crate labels: colorful and inexpensive collectibles from America's proud agricultural heritage

    Culinary Collectibles

    Memories from your childhood kitchen

    On Track With Railroad Ephemera

    Rudy Franchi explains how to get rolling on your own collection

    Raging for Roadmaps

    A road map for collecting road maps: some people love them even if they are hard to refold

    Decorative Arts:

    Preserving Your Garden Ornaments

    The elements vs. the ornaments: How to save your garden antiques


    Character Dolls: The Real Thing

    Richard Wright offers his tips on collecting these realistic-looking dolls

    Folk Art:

    Hunting for Duck Decoys

    If it looks like a duck, but doesn't sound like a duck, it's probably a decoy. Learn more about these collectible deceivers


    Early Southwest Furniture

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW pays a visit to Casa San Ysidro, a historic rancho located in Corrales, to examine one of the country's best collections of early Hispanic furniture

    Leave the Finish Alone

    How can owners of antique furnitre preserve their finishes — and the value of their antiques?

    Pull Up a Chair

    With many late 20th-century chair designs already being widely sought as collectibles, an expert offers a few words of wisdom for savvy collectors-to-be


    American Pattern Glass

    Ornate or simple, affordable or dear, there's usually a lot more to this glass than meets the eye

    Lalique "Economique"

    Learn more about collecting the beautiful and affordable high-class glass by decorative artist René Lalique

    Tiffany "Wannabes"

    Don't know your Loetz from your Steuben? Learn how to distinguish between the beautiful but confusing varieties of fine iridescent glasswork


    American Gypsy Jewelry

    Alluring and rare, these ornaments are often worth more than their weight in gold

    Ancient Beauties: Collecting Cameos

    If you want an antique cameo durable enough to pass on to your grandchilren, there are a few simple rules to follow

    Authenticating Gold and Diamonds

    How to find out if your gold or diamond is real — or just a cheap pretender

    Gazing Into Lovers' Eyes

    More on these Georgian miniatures, one of the rarer examples of antique jewelry

    Pearl Wisdom

    Natural vs. cultured — can you tell the difference? Learn more with a whole string of tips from the ROADSHOW's guru of pearls

    Metalwork & Sculpture:

    Polishing Your Precious Metals

    Learn how to polish your valuable metals without ruining them

    When to Fix Metal Sculptures

    Should you fix your broken metal sculptures? It all depends on what you have. Eric Silver explains when to bother, and when to leave well enough alone

    Musical Instruments:

    Collecting Guitars

    Helpful guitar tips for the 'picky' musical collector

    Violins: Buy American

    The 19th-century American violin is a more affordable alternative for violin collectors. Learn how to start your own collection

    Paintings & Drawings:

    Audubon Originals

    An expert offers some valuable tips for collecting the stunning wildlife prints of John James Audubon. And to the serious collector he says remember: Reproductions are for the birds

    Pennsylvania Impressionists: Valued at Last

    More on the Pennsylvania Impressionist school, a group of painters who gathered in the New Hope, Pennsylvania, area at the beginning of the 20th century

    Protecting Your Art from Thieves

    Palm Springs, California (2009)

    Tips on protecting your precious works of art.


    Historic Photographs: Real vs. Fake

    See what appraiser Wes Cowan has to say about how you can tell the difference

    Pottery & Porcelain:

    Detecting Fabergé Fakes

    Peter Schaffer shares a few tips on making sure that if Fabergé is what you want, Fabergé is what you get

    Fanciful Figurines

    More on Staffordshire figurines, one of the more common types of Victorian pottery

    How to Be a Porcelain Pro

    Lark Mason offers his tips on collecting blue-and-white porcelain

    School of Mines Pottery

    Learn the basics of collecting this enduring art pottery from the University of North Dakota

    Prints & Posters:

    Chromolithography: Bringing Color to the Masses

    Learn about the printmaking process that brought color to the masses

    Lithography 101

    You've heard of lithography. But do you know how it's done? Here's a primer on this versatile art form

    Verifying Antique Maps

    Don't be fooled by a reproduction "antique" map

    World War One Posters: Easy Targets

    Learn more about collecting these powerful antique tools of government propaganda

    Rugs & Textiles:

    Why Hawaiian Quilts?

    Hawaii's quilt-making tradition is as unique as the Pacific island culture it comes from

    Science & Technology:

    Currently there are no Tips of the Trade articles available in this category.


    Chinese Silver

    Precious advice: An expert offers tips on a lesser-known Chinese craft of centuries past

    Sports Memorabilia:

    Baseball Collectibles: Hitting a Home Run

    Leila Dunbar's ground rules for collecting baseball memorabilia

    Collecting Japanese Memorabilia

    Catch it while you can! Relatively new to the American market, this field currently offers great deals for the savvy collector

    Winter Olympic Memorabilia

    Sports collectible expert Simeon Lipman shares some background and tips on memorabilia from the Winter Olympics

    Tools & Implements:

    Currently there are no Tips of the Trade articles available in this category.

    Toys & Games:

    Down on the Farm: Collecting Toy Tractors

    More on collecting toy tractors — childhood favorites from America's heartland

    Galloping for Rocking Horses?

    More so than age, condition is the key to collecting these picturesque toys of a bygone era

    Loving Lehmann Toys

    Expert advice on collecting these ingenious German antique toys

    Tribal Art:

    Buying and Selling Native Artifacts

    For collectors interested in Native American artifacts, there are a few important guidelines to bear in mind

    Collecting Kachina Dolls

    One of the most popular Native American crafts on the market today

    Oceanic Art

    A primer on the powerful and often overlooked art of the South Seas

    Safely Collecting Indian Artifacts

    For new and seasoned collectors alike, a simple primer on the legal and ethical issues that surround Native American collecting